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Our experience handling clients from multinational and local companies, inspire us to provide the best service to our client. So we are required to be more professional and creative in looking each market segment of our client. 90 more words

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Avoid the College Debt Trap

Don’t let time slip by! The time to start planning for your child’s college education is now!

Just 1 minute and 17 seconds of your time will get you started on the path to planning for your child’s college education. 6 more words

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How to Select the Right College

This is a great question. Guidance counselors, US News and World Report Rankings; boyfriend/girlfriends; where you and your spouse attended college; and more are just a few of the sources your children will hear an opinion from. 412 more words

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When Do You Stop Paying For Your Children?

When do you stop paying for your children? Another way to ask the same question would be: Do you ever stop paying for your children? 685 more words

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Avoid Being a College Dropout Statistic With Proper Financial Planning

According to www.onlinecolleges.net, 48% of college dropouts said they did so because they couldn’t afford the cost.  This is an avoidable problem.  With proper planning, college can be affordable.   48 more words

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5 Tips For Helping Your Child Zero in on a College and Major

What do you want to be when you grow up? What happens when your child, who has known forever that she wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist, switches majors midstream and winds up with a degree in cultural anthropology (yes, this happened to me with my younger daughter!)? 582 more words

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Why are you and your college roommate paying different amounts for the same tuition and board?

According to this recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, the amount different students are charged for tuition and board at their colleges and universities is not the same. 281 more words

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