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Larudee: Who Are the Starving and Besieged Residents of Yarmouk and Why Are They There?

Apr 21, 2015, Dissident Voice

-Paul Larudee

There are many illusions about what is happening to the Yarmouk district of Damascus and its Palestinian refugee population. 1,846 more words


Biased Reporting on Syria in the Service of War

By Rick Sterling | CounterPunch | April 20, 2015

It has been confirmed that TV journalist Richard Engel’s kidnapping/rescue in norther Syria in late 2012 was a…

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Using "human rights" to slander Israel

Human Wrongs Rights Watch is at least as bad, if not worse, than the Human Wrongs Rights Council of the UN.  They concentrate on Israel’s alleged misdeeds with a microscope, magnify them and broadcast them worldwide, thereby inciting the masses to anti-Israel protests and hatred, which are then quickly followed by real anti-Semitic violence as we have seen throughout this year on the streets of Europe. 911 more words


Were US Arms to Egypt Ever Really Frozen?

By PAUL GOTTINGER | CounterPunch | April 12, 2015

On February 31, Obama announced the lifting of what the New York Times called “an arms freeze on Egypt”.

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Exposing Human Rights Watchs (HRW) pretension of impartiality

There is valid reason to reject the notion of HRWs impartiality.

Take for instance HRWs repeated allegations against the Syrian government. While it is wrong to ignore human rights violations of ANY war party the real question is why HRW chooses to attack and denounce the Syrian army in a time when the latter is fighting the “Islamic State” and Al Qaeda (like Syrias Al Nusra Front). 432 more words


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Human Rights Watch sues the DEA for a bulk records program that paved the way for the NSA

Perhaps the most controversial National Security Agency surveillance program is the one that collects metadata describing Americans’ phone calls with people in other countries. But the NSA didn’t pioneer this practice — it appears that similar data was collected by the Drug Enforcement Administration for more than two decades. 514 more words


TL;DR - HRW Report: Houthis use deadly force against protesters

In a new report from Human Rights Watch Wednesday, the organization cites two incidents in Yemeni towns of Houthi rebels using deadly force on demonstrators, killing 7 and wounding another 83. 217 more words