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Hubble Catches Stellar Exodus in Action by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Via Flickr: Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have captured for the first time snapshots of fledging white dwarf stars beginning their slow-paced, 40-million-year migration from the crowded center of an ancient star cluster to the less populated suburbs. White dwarfs are the burned-out relics of stars that rapidly lose mass, cool down and shut off their nuclear furnaces. As these glowing carcasses age and shed weight, their orbits begin to expand outward from the star cluster’s packed downtown. This migration is caused by a gravitational tussle among stars inside the cluster. Globular star clusters sort out stars according to their mass, governed by a gravitational billiard ball game where lower mass stars rob momentum from more massive stars. The result is that heavier stars slow down and sink to the cluster’s core, while lighter stars pick up speed and move across the cluster to the edge. This process is known as “mass segregation.” Until these Hubble observations, astronomers had never definitively seen the dynamical conveyor belt in action. Astronomers used Hubble to watch the white-dwarf exodus in the globular star cluster 47 Tucanae, a dense swarm of hundreds of thousands of stars in our Milky Way galaxy. The cluster resides 16,700 light-years away in the southern constellation Tucana. Read more: http://ift.tt/1PV0j7Y Credits: NASA, ESA, and H. Richer and J. Heyl (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada); acknowledgement: J. Mack (STScI) and G. Piotto (University of Padova, Italy) NASA image use policy. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center enables NASA’s mission through four scientific endeavors: Earth Science, Heliophysics, Solar System Exploration, and Astrophysics. Goddard plays a leading role in NASA’s accomplishments by contributing compelling scientific knowledge to advance the Agency’s mission. Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Find us on Instagram


Back to Basics: HSTs -- No Cheating this time!

A few days ago, I took us all back to basics with a post on trimming Half Square Triangles. Except, right in the middle of it I taught you how to cheat! 482 more words

Piecing And Quilting

Back to Basics: HST's

Let’s talk about half square triangles (HST). They are so frequently the building block to many of our favorite quilt designs, yet there is a key step that always gets skipped when it comes to blogging. 897 more words

Piecing And Quilting

Highland Chieftain

On my way to the mountains last week, I called in on Kingussie station to photograph the south-bound Highland Chieftain service (1E13 07.55 Inverness-Kings Cross). East Coast Main Line HST sets have seen a variety of liveries – a real mix of styles from interim East Coast grey and magenta livery (which I hate) to de-badged National Express colours (which suited the stock well despite how rubbish that operator turned out to be) since GNER days. 84 more words


1/4 inch seam marker by Fons and Porter

I bought the 1/4″ seam marker by Fons and Porter in a recent purchase from Amazon.  I have read a number of reviews on it and I really wanted to give it a try as I have been busy sewing half-square triangles (HSTs). 305 more words


Reviewing HST and the 2016 and 1972 campaign trails

For years Hunter S. Thompson fans have told me how great “Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ‘72” is. With the presidential campaign in full swing I figured it would be a great read, but after… 453 more words


27th July 2015-Truro, West bound HST with semaphore signal clunk.

Making the Falmouth branch connection on Monday 27th July was the chance to grab on the Kindle a HST leaving Truro, and the satisfying clunk of a semaphore signal. 78 more words