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Taxing electricity has severe impact on society

Ontario has an opportunity and good reason to re-examine its Harmonized Sales Tax policy to impose a 13 per cent HST on electricity.

The disadvantages this policy brings to Ontarians are not well understood by Ontario as they should be. 86 more words


Time to Bite the Bullet

Well, she’s been sitting round for most of the year now … waiting.
And taunting … and waiting some more …

Waiting to be finished … 313 more words

Labyrinth quilt free pattern download

Download Labyrinth quilt pattern

Download Labyrinth quilt top pattern (pdf) – 1 page pattern

The pattern contains cutting directions, fabric needs as well as a quilt assembly diagram. 58 more words


Denley: Thanks, government, you've made Ontario so great!

Throne speeches are great opportunities for governments to imagine the future, and even the past, as they would like it to be.

Ontario, as described in this week’s throne speech, is a wondrous place of constant improvement, all directed by the wise and competent hand of “your government.” Things in Ontario are nearly perfect and getting better by the day. 626 more words


Remaining Hive Blocks

The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild Bee Hive Swap continued over the summer, and in fact, at tonight’s meeting we hand off the last of the blocks for this session. 467 more words


Видео-доклади за космическия телескоп „Джеймс Уеб“

Институтът (Space Telescope Science Institute; http://www.stsci.edu/portal/; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Telescope_Science_Institute), който в момента „кара“ космическия телескоп „Хъбъл“, и през Октомври 2018 предстои да „подкара“ космическия телескоп „Джеймс Уеб“ е подготвил няколко доклада за новия телескоп и те са достъпни под формата на видеозаписи и презентации: … 9 more words


The 6 Most Shorted NYSE Stocks: Bank of America on the Move

While the markets were in a holding pattern ahead of the Labor Day holiday, albeit near all-time highs, the short interest moves in the most shorted stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange were mostly mild between the August 15 and August 31 settlement dates. 870 more words