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CodeIgniter3 .htaccess removing index.php subdomain

Below is the general documentation for editing the .htaccess file to remove index.php from a url

The documentation examples is

will be the same as

… 170 more words

Fixing missing Authorization Headers

It’s something to do with using PHP FPM / Fast CGI, and auth headers being disable for that.

So we add this to the directory entry of the .htaccess: 11 more words


How to prevent serving .git directory on web

Recently while working on a web based project which runs on apache2 on EC2 Linux server, PHP, MySQL, using git as a source version control system(VCS), i was able to access the .git repository from browser like http://example.com/.git/ 480 more words


Block an IP address range using the .htaccess file

I detected an attack to one (compromised) server running Apache and PHP. A fair amount of request were being made to a hacked resource. So one of the steps to avoid so many request was to block the IP range of the attacker(s). 30 more words


ssl 24/7

While I’ve had ssl on my website for sometime (for anything login related), I had never enabled it by default. First, I had to install the patch the Video Filter module to work with https connections to Youtube. 157 more words


Hàm bổ trợ để tạo ra đường dẫn thân thiện (Url Friendly)

Đây là các hàm bổ trợ để tạo đường dẫn thân thiện cho website các bạn có thể tham khảo ở đây :

Ví dụ chúng ta có 1 chuỗi như sau :  254 more words


How to remove .html from URL

I was adding a new events page to the milspousecoders.org website. When you view the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) it was showing the .html after the page. 170 more words