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Redirect www to non www URL Using HTACCESS

How to redirect url http://www.example.com to http://example.com

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.*)$ 
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://%1/$1 

For more info http://techwelkin.com/redirect-www-to-non-www-url-htaccess-wordpress

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Removing index.php from Magento URL's

This should be the default behaviour, if you ask me, however no one asked me.

Log in to the admin panel, and navigate:

System > Configuration > Web > Search Engine Optimization… 58 more words

PHP error_reporting per directory with htaccess

Finally figured it out how to set custom error_reporting in specific directory without changing the global configuration, this prevents me from forgetting setting it back. 41 more words

How to Password Protect a Website or Web SubDirectory With .htaccess & .htpasswd

Working on a website that you need others to see, but not the whole world? Password protecting a website (or a sub directory within a website). 315 more words


How to block URL to direct access of resources in Wordpress

To block resources(Attachment like : jpg|png|xls|pdf…) in WordPress, you have to modify in your .htaccess file.

Go to root of the directory and open .htaccess file in your text editor and add following line of code: 63 more words


serve scaled images by htaccess

<FilesMatch “\.(ico|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|js|css|swf|svg|pdf|flv|mp3)$”>
<IfModule mod_expires.c>
ExpiresActive on
ExpiresDefault “access plus 1 month 2 days 3 hours”