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Html normally problem

Hello readers !
In this blog i show how can we solve html problems usually we face that are :-

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Filter on search results

js code

$(document).ready(function() {
    function showValues() {
		$( "#loading-image" ).show(0);	
		var mainarray = new Array();
		var subcategoriesarray = new Array();		
		var subcategories_checklist = "&subcategories="+subcategoriesarray;
		var job_typearray = new Array();		
		var job_type_checklist = "&job_type="+job_typearray;
		var budgetarray = new Array();		
		var budget_checklist = "&budget="+budgetarray;
		var experiencearray = new Array();		
		var experience_checklist = "&experience="+experiencearray;
		var job_durationarray = new Array();		
		var job_duration_checklist = "&job_duration="+job_durationarray;
		var category = $("#category_selectbox").val();
		if(category.length > 0){
		var categoryname = "&category="+category;
		var main_string = subcategories_checklist+job_type_checklist+budget_checklist+experience_checklist+job_duration_checklist+categoryname;
		else {
		var main_string = subcategories_checklist+job_type_checklist+budget_checklist+experience_checklist+job_duration_checklist;
		main_string = main_string.substring(1, main_string.length)
			type: "POST",
			url: "ajax/filter_jobs.php",
			data: main_string, 
			cache: false,
			success: function(html){
				$( "#loading-image" ).hide(0);
	$("input").on( "click", showValues );
    $("select").on( "change", showValues );
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