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Tools: Generating Placeholder Images

When writing initial HTML for something you often need some placeholder images. Then you normally go to some placeholder image service or download an image, copy it into you app file system and figuring out the correct path to it. 102 more words


Cifrado de Vernam en javascript

El desarrollo de software que cifre mensajes, es muy Ăștil para entender el funcionamiento de los mismos y de la forma en la que funcionan este tipo de programas en la vida real, en este caso nos hemos “inspirado” en el cifrado de Vernam y escrito en javascript, el desarrollo del mismo fue de la siguiente manera: 874 more words


Understanding "this" in JavaScript

Function in javascript have properties, Just like javascript Object have properties. And when function get execute, It get the this property

Lets Take a closer look at “this”. 329 more words


HTTP POST Request with C#

In the following samples, you can find out how to send a HTTP POST request with C#. I work a lot with JSON, so here I’ll show how to send a JSON string. 125 more words


HTTP GET Request with C#

In the following samples, you can find out how to send a HTTP GET request, using C# with authentication and without it. Here we go! 160 more words


Rails Single Form with Multiple Instances of A Model

I wanted to have a single form in my Rails app that submitted and created multiple instances of a Model. Seems like this would be a relatively common thing to do, right? 2,274 more words


A Simple Example using elm

In this blog, we will see how to build a simple application using elm. Elm is a functional language that compiles into javascript with following features:- 90 more words