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SeaMonkey - All in one application suite

Today, I installed Seamonkey internet application suite (Browser, Mail Client, IRC Client and Composor) on my Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon desktop

It can be downloaded from… 254 more words


HTML Editor Research

So when I decided to make this website from scratch I had to search for HTML editors that I could use to create and amend my website. 1,025 more words

Adding a HTML editor to Shiny


I recently had to implement a form in shiny that required an HTML editor inside. I quickly ran into a handy javascript library called… 795 more words


HTML WYSIWYG Update - Word Procesing

I have always believed HTML is underutilized as a purveyor of documents. It is dcross platform, the files are small and with ingenuity, effects can be created that can not be duplicated with word processors. 162 more words

Choosing an Appropriate HTML Editor Application

If you would like to create HTML code, you need a text editor application. Here you will discover about how to choose an appropriate text editor application for your coding needs. 369 more words