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The central problem of educational technology

Inspired by Donald Clark, here’s what I think is the central problem of educational technology:

As a teacher, I have written some text and I want my students to be able to see it…

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Effortless Web Design Tutorial Training in JavaScript HTML CSS

software (language China and Hong Kong and Taiwan for the software, in English: Software) is a series of organizations in a particular order set of… 322 more words

HTML Interview Questions And Answers.

Ques: 1 What do you understand about DOCTYPE in HTML?

DOCTYPE is stands for Document Type Declaration.In an HTML every HTML document is started with DOCTYPE declaration.It may be differ for different versions of HTML.DOCTYPE is used only bySGML tools like as HTML validator. 4,652 more words


Set Document mode standard/Edge in IE

set Document mode standard/Edge in IE
Code :

Add meta tag in web page
<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge” />

If you are using .net you can add this to the web.config… 28 more words


Gumba HTML Website Template

Gumba Free HTML template Created by  Rick Waalders. Thats Perfect for building simple blog.


Shashank Pawar

I’ve worked as a support engineer for the last 2 years, and the projects I’ve been involved in have ranged from simple desktop applications to web applications providing L1 and L2 support to end users based across worldwide. 216 more words