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Image tag in HTML

<img> tag is used in html document to insert an image. This shows straight-forward way of a static image on a page.  To use this tag we simply write <img src=”source of an image comes here”>. 116 more words


(8) AngularJs Modules and Controllers

  • An AngularJS module defines an application.
  • The  module is a container for the different parts of an application (controllers, services, directives, … ).
  • The controller…
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(7) AngularJs ng-repeat directive

  • The ng-repeat directive repeats an HTML element.
  • In the following example:
  • Using ng-init, define a set of colors (red, blue, orange, and yellow).
  • Then, you should display each color in a list as bullet points.
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(6) Data binding using {{expression}}

  • Data binding binds AngularJS expressions with AngularJS data.
  • {{ X }} is bound with ng-model=”X”.
  • In the following example:
  • {{favc}} is bound with ng-model=”favc”.
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Contoh program sederhana HTML

… kali ini gue pgn sharing cara menggunakan HTML untuk membuat sebuah webpage sederhana.

Untuk memulai membuat dokumen HTML sederhana , yang pertama kali harus disiapkan adalah sebagai berikut : 246 more words


(5) AngularJS Expressions (ng-bind)

  • AngularJS expressions can also be written inside a directive: ng-bind=”expression”.
  • In the following example, the user will enter the first name and last name in two separated input fields.
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