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Formatting wordpress blog content

I find it difficult to format the wordpress blog content. May be I'm a new to here. I found a good way to format the contents. 32 more words


From HTML to NON-GMO or what it is like having twins....

Who knew that something like that can change your life so dramatically and make you a completely different person all together…

There I was minding my own business…working away on making other companies #1 online and make them look good, building websites and doing all the internet magic you can imagine….And then this miracle happened…We got pregnant! 263 more words


Layouts and point of view

I imagined to design a photographic portfolio for a customer who wants to increase his visibility and his business through a website.

Taken by the enthusiasm the first thing I did was to throw myself headlong on… 265 more words

How To

Making a user friendly web form

Here I have tried to put together a form that is simple, practical and adheres to user accessible guide lines.

A user friendly web form… 195 more words


50 Essential Cheatsheets, Guides & Docs for Web Designers

useful cheatsheets, references, guides, checklists and docs, covering almost all aspects of web design.

Source: 50 Essential Cheatsheets, Guides & Docs for Web Designers


credit card form "best practices"

Most of us have written HTML forms which accept credit card details. And most of them have been, well…, bad. I say this because most of us and even the big players out there like Visa and Apple and Microsoft and Google don’t even do this right yet. 530 more words

Open Source

Ordered lists have options

ordered lists are sequenced and can be controlled.

  • <ol start=”6″> lists starts at 6
  • also reverse sequence <ol start=”6″ reversed>