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Sublime Text Editor and Emmet Package

Hey guys, sorry for posting so late. My college exams and project submissions just sucks. So as promised earlier, in this blog we will be discussing the… 473 more words

Advent Calendar Day 16 ( 4 dangerous viruses you do NOT want on your computer )


  1. Trojan (DF: 7.6/10)
  2. MEMES! (DF: 7/10)
  3. Code Red (DF: 4.3.5)
  4. Spyware (DF: 10/10)

HTML - Tagy, pozadí a odkazy

Jak už jsem se zmínila dřív, HTML se píše pomocí tagů.
Jako příklad si můžeme uvést tučné písmo a písmo psané kurzívou.

Výsledek potom vypadá nějak takhle: 176 more words


ESP32 Arduino async HTTP server: Serving a HTML page from PROGMEM

The objective of this post is to explain how to serve a simple HTML page from the ESP32, using the Arduino core. The tests of this ESP32 tutorial were performed using a DFRobot’s  1,500 more words


Using MutationObserver API and undo.js to track DOM changes

I was recently working on this project that had a kind of drag and drop builder. Users should be able to drag items into a specific building area to assembly stuff — I’m sorry for not giving more details, by the time I’m writing this the product is not yet released. 160 more words


Using adapter pattern to parse HTML with C# and AgilityPack

Recently I faced with a business requirement about extracting informations from some html pages and display them in a local application.

The principal problem that I found was that the result were in html format and I needed to transform that in a c# object, in order to be able to manage the informations in my application. 588 more words


Brick Game Part II

<!–Hello World! It is a beautiful day to code!–><p>

Today I will be doing the next part of the Brick Game with actual bricks!

Things that I learned: 152 more words