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Simple PHP Object Oriented Login

This tutorial shows us how to create a login system complete with sessions from an object oriented perspective.
An Object Oriented Code must by definition fulfill three sturdy pillars of programming: 564 more words

Computer Science

Interacting with Apps Design

There are 3 types of an Apps functionality:

  1. Web App (HTML5): can be a single or  multiple web page activity thats set on a remote server and can be accessed on the internet.
  2. 235 more words

Iframe to Parent window communication

If you need to push a notification from an IFRAME to it’s parent, in a cross domain scenario, there is a very nice solution using  10 more words


Week 1: What is an app?

What is an app?

An app, abbreviated for “application” has three main identities in the mobile spectrum:

  1. Web App HTML: Responsive, delivered via a browser interface.
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Cons to using Wix.com

Wix.com is easy to use for the most part, but frustrating if you aren’t familiar with the site.

Finding where the different tools are and what is available is a bit time consuming. 75 more words

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Pros to using Wix.com to create a web page

Wix.com is a fairly easy site to use, once you figure out where and what everything is. It is a drag and drop type of HTML coding. 85 more words

Web Development

Bootstrap vs Materialize

Frameworks are the most used tools in a web development ambient; for many yeas we used to make our changes in our code by CSS and some others like JS and jQuery…. 611 more words