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I enrolled to an MOOC, but then I forgot

Last month, I checked my email that I seldom use. I was browsing through hundreds of email (and has no energy to read because most are subscriptions I made). 195 more words


Hey WordPress devs: headings will change in the Admin screens

Are you a theme, plugin or framework developer for WordPress? Take note: the heading structure in the Admin screens will change from WordPress 4.3 on. 293 more words


What The FlexBox?!

A simple 20 video course that will help you¬†master CSS Flexbox…



HTML5 Video: Understanding Compression and DRM

In a previous tutorial, I gave a high-level overview of HTML5 video and many of the transport standards that we can use. In this tutorial the second in a series on using Azure Media Services to create and consume HTML5 video I ll cover the way we can ingest our content using a video recording tool, as well as ways to encrypt or protect our video so that only viewers with permission can view it. 109 more words

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How to make custom attribute in Html5 ?

Hi all,

You can make your own custom attribute using data-. It allows possessive exchanged information between HTML and its DOM representation. It can work with javascript also, every browser will let you fetch and modify… 83 more words


Thoughts on browsing without Flash

Adobe is facing renewed calls to retire its 19-year-old Flash Player plug-in after June and July’s security holes proved to be especially nasty. And many pundits have gone so far as to recommend that people delete the plug-in off of their computers altogether — they might not even miss it, they’re told. 2,308 more words


Saving HTML files from your web application

Sometimes a project will call for the ability to create and save HTML files to your desktop straight from your web application. I typically do this when I’m setting up a web application that lets the user create their own HTML templates, or lookup some kind of data (since you can also create and save XML files, text files, etc…). 407 more words

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