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Tip: Increase Canvas Performance

Here is a quick tip on how to squeeze a little more performance out of the 2D context.

It is scenario dependent but if you don’t need the canvas element to be transparent, e.g. 180 more words


Saving and Restoring Canvas State

Every canvas object contains a stack of drawing states. Stacks are data structures that only let you push new items at one end. When you retrieve an item, it’s the last item that was pushed or Last In-First Out(LIFO). 136 more words

Canvas 2D - Moving Objects in a Canvas

Canvas2D allows you to translate (move), rotate, or scale objects.


scale(x,y) multiplies the x and y values by a given factor so


will make all values twice as large on the x axis and three times as large on the y axis. 152 more words

HTML5 Canvas - fillRect and fillStyle

We can “erase” portions of a canvas using fillRectand setting the fillStyle to our background color. Your background color will likely be white. 172 more words

Editor's Choice - May 2016 - #HTMLCOIN #HTML5

While none of our picks have been very hot in the short term, we think that over the long haul they may have some merit, and without further ado, here is our pick for May. 112 more words

Coin Trading

Speedy Word [HTML5]

Purpose of the Software:
The game was design for improvement in spelling and memory.

Development of the Software:
The language used for this current setup were HTML5, JavaScript & JQuery. 26 more words

HTML5 Questions

1.Basic blocks of HTML 5 page

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- header content goes in here -->
    <!-- navigation menu goes in here -->
  <section id="sidebar1">
    <!-- sidebar content goes in here -->
  <section id="main">
    <!-- main page content goes in here -->
    <!-- aside content goes in here -->
    <!-- footer content goes in here -->
</html> 714 more words