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What I Actually Care About In Windows 10

It’s not exactly unusual to hear about someone being cautious to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, but as everyone around me is upgrading I’ve been thinking about what I actually care about on my PC that would get me to upgrade. 662 more words


TiVo Roamio OTA—Cord Cutters Will Love It

By James W. Harris, Monday, July 27, 2015

Thinking about giving up cable TV but can’t imagine living without a DVR? Well, TiVo has a DVR specifically designed for over-the-air (OTA) antenna users. 891 more words


HTPC case - Part 2

Here we are, an update on the HTPC case. I have been doing all sorts of other things (other projects, computer maintenance, even the occasional chore) and as is often the case having more on my plate seems to actually make me a bit more productive. 367 more words


Streaming Boxes - Because 500 Channels is Kid's Stuff

The most intimidating part of cutting cable TV is figuring out how you’ll get all your favorite shows.  Oh, intellectually, you probably understand they’re all available “online”, but how do you reconcile that with your brain, which is used to picking up your remote and just cruising through 500 channels?  1,119 more words


Openelec Kodi HTPC build - Dell Optiplex 755 SFF with Asus Geforce EN210 Video.

Was given an Optiplex 755 SFF from the IT graveyard at work (cheers Dave!) Came with a dual core processor, DVD rewriter, one gig of RAM and a knackered hard disk that had seek and read errors. 771 more words

Monthly Build, HTPC For £407.59/$580.06

I recently asked on Twitter what you guys wanted for my next monthly build, one of the suggestions was a HTPC. So I’ve been looking at parts, trying to put something interesting together. 677 more words


HTPC case - Part 1

Hi all
Yeah I know there’s two other “part 1″s stacked under this but gimme a break, I started those at London Met and that kinda went out the window (more on that later if you ask nicely). 170 more words