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Hacked Amstrad DRX280 Sky Box Media Centre Running Kodi

It’s been some time since I posted about my Thomson PVR3 Sky box case mod in which I fitted a small matx pc for running Openelec / Kodi on the television in my bedroom. 466 more words

Building a low budget "Steam Machine" for retro style games

Shortly before Christmas of 2015 there seemed to be a lot of buzz about the coming of “Steam boxes”. Overpriced pre built PC’s with a new Steam OS installed. 1,519 more words


Home Theater PC’s: A plethora of open source greatness

The year is 2016 and the resources available for building the ultimate all-in-one entertainment system is more than plentiful.  So why doesn’t everybody have this fancy do-it-all machine? 743 more words

Sync + Docker

The “Scan into Evernote” [– insert link here –] solution I came up with utilizes BitTorrent Sync.  Having just wiped and reinstalled my laptop provides me the opportunity to redo that and I have decided to use it as an opportunity to explore Docker and containers.   957 more words



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New years often bring about slight or slightly major changes in how I operate. Usually it’s more because of hardware I got over the holidays than a point in the Earth’s orbit we arbitrarily separate between one year and the next, but it’s still a change nonetheless. 460 more words


The Steam Controller Has Singlehandedly Changed My PC

When it comes to gaming, Christmas in my childhood was usually associated with getting new consoles. While nothing like that happened for me this year, I was finally able to buy a Steam Controller, and to be honest this this thing has completed a feeling similar to getting a new console, one I think I’ve been working towards for a while. 795 more words


Using Lubuntu as an HTPC

I recently switched my Home Theater PC from Windows 7 to Lubuntu. For several years, I have had a box plugged into my TV to play videos downloaded via BitTorrent. 1,348 more words