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Investigator: Decision to charge Ezekiel Elliott by "end of this week or next"

Closure may be coming soon in the Ezekiel Elliott domestic abuse situation. On Monday, the Ohio prosecutors in the investigation stated they hope to come to a decision on whether or not to file criminal charges against Elliott in the next week or two. 192 more words

Dallas Cowboys

Tipping point

I am at a tipping point where I am very close to buying all the parts needed to build my very own DIY PC. I think I can safely say that the tipping point for that decision came about when I impulsively bought 2 EVGA GTX 1070 SC Gaming ACX 3.0 GPU at a relatively competitive price on Amazon. 840 more words

Self Updates

Review: The Pulse-Eight USB CEC Adapter from GoRite

I think I made it clear in some of my recent posts I’m a huge fan of CEC when it’s combined with Kodi. I love using my NUCs as home theater PCs, but it can be a pain to add another remote to your setup. 1,109 more words

Intel NUC

A Better Fit for the NUC5PGYH

I apologize in advance for the use of so many acronyms in this post. I asked my wife to read it and her head exploded about half-way through.   884 more words

Intel NUC

Future For PC Gamers

So far in 2016 gaming has been pushing as a media that all ages and everyone is starting to really get into. The consoles are couch friendly and the PC is pushing the limits of what is real and what is reality. 1,037 more words


Using a Pine 64 as a Plex Media Server

I recently received a Pine64 through the post and thought I’d write up how I got Plex Media Server running on it.

If you’ve already read my posts on… 478 more words

Home Automation

Connecting a real PC to your TV is one of the best things ever.

My wife and I are so-called cordcutters. We told cable TV, and it’s 3000 channels of garbage, to take a hike years ago. Since making that decision we tried and/or investigated several options. 646 more words