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Build Help: Signal Path to TV - Upgrading a 2012 Setup to a New Scratch Build

What I have: (2012 models)

Win7 Computer --DVI--> TV Computer --RCA--> AVR 

What I want: (2018 models)

Win10 Computer --HDMI--> AVR --HDMI--> TV BluRay --HDMI--> AVR --^ OTA --Ant---> TV --HDMI--> AVR… 273 more words

Sharing attached USB storage in OSMC using NFS

As well as being attached to the living room TV for use as a media centre, I also wanted to be able to use my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a simple NAS for other TVs in the house to stream from. 146 more words


Automated mains socket power-off for OSMC on a Raspberry Pi

I’ve chosen to replace an ageing mini-PC which I’ve used since 2010 with a new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running OSMC. It makes for a really capable media centre which can playback newer h.265 HEVC video files at 1080p without any problems, or it can serve 4K files over NFS to a box with a hardware h.265 chip like the Fire TV Box. 475 more words


Cowboys WR Noah Brown deserves expanded role in 2018 offense

With Dez Bryant’s release, wide receiver has certainly become a higher priority for the Dallas Cowboys in the upcoming draft. Even so, current receivers will still be relied upon to step up and pick up some of the slack. 468 more words

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