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Creating a custom HTML front end for Domoticz Part 1- YouTube companion article

Here’s the HTML and CSS you’ll need if you want to follow my guide over on my YouTube channel on how to create a custom user interface using HTML for Domoticz. 1,429 more words


Social Network using Titan Db: Part 1

Hi everybody!

After a long time gone I’m slowly getting back into business but with a lot of energy :)


These past weeks I’ve been solving a couple of coding challenges and for one of them I thought (and I still think) that the best solution would be achieved by using a Graph Db (can’t post details because of confidential reasons). 841 more words


The HTTPS-only experience

EFF recently announced that We’re Halfway to Encrypting the Entire Web.” As a celebration of this achievement I’ve started an experiment: as of yesterday, no unencrypted HTTP traffic reaches this machine*. 410 more words


Compendium of Wondrous Links vol XI

It has been a while since the last time. More food for though!



App Indexing - Launch Your App via Mobile Browser

Sometimes you might want your app to be launched via a browser on our mobile platform, cause that will provide a better user experience for customers, especially when your website is not RWD ready. 511 more words


D9 Clube PDF Presentation and Overview

http://D9Club.io In this PDF is an overview of what D9 Clube is and how it works. The D9 Clube compensation plan is also explained and presented.

Define Port Forwarding

Port forwarding, often referred to as .tunnelling. is the forwarding of network ports from one network device to another. This is commonly done using a NAT (network address translation) enabled router or server and another computer within the local network. 674 more words