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HTTP Headers and the PHP header() Function


Many beginning and intermediate PHP programmers seem to think the header() function
is some kind of strange voodoo. They work from examples and code snippets and are able to get things done with it, 4,874 more words


Debugging Web API traffic

Note that this blog post mostly assumes you’re operating on Linux. If you’re using Windows just use Fiddler. It probably does everything you need. Actually, having just looked at their page it looks like it may well work on lots of places other than Windows too, so it might be a good option. 393 more words


HTTP Requests

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Browsers send requests to servers, which returns a response.  I’m drinking bubble tea right now, so I’ll use a bubble tea analogy:  I ordered a Red Wow Milk (GET request), and the barista returned a yummy cup of bubble tea to me (response).   209 more words