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HTTP/2 101 (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

HTTP/2 is coming. Actually, it’s here. Right now. It impacts not only your user’s experience but also the way you need to think about your website and webapps. 29 more words


WebAPI: Get Parameter Binding using [FromURI] with AngularJS $HTTP services

A HTTP GET request can’t contain data to be posted to the server. What you want is to a a query string to the request. Fortunately angular.http provides an option for it params. 136 more words


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webdev python curl http requests

simple python curl http post request example

import requests
url = 'https://www.example.com/'
data = {'requestXml': '<MYREQUESTXML>'}

r = requests.post(url, data)

print 'U '
print url
print 'S '
print r.status_code
print 'H '
print r.headers
print 'T '
print r.text