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This nosy Canadian knows not to eat the nose!

Deviating from my usual Canadian delicacies, this next post will contain a speciality originated in Alaska.  Not quite Canadian, but close enough. Hey, if you can see Russia from there, it’s north enough to be considered Canada. 403 more words


What's that Timmy? Lassie fell in the skillet?

Ninja in the Recliner here. While recently eating a hot dog, I was dogging Ninja Next Door about her dog eat dog attitude. “Dog gone it,” she said, “I’m dog tired and need to go soak my dogs and take a dog nap.” 496 more words


Yet another open letter to NITMT

We anxiously await your much touted review! Don’t make me come up there! I will turn this dojo around!
– NITR –


South of the Northern Border...

Our friend and ninja family member North of the Border has officially posted two ‘Ninja Approved’ blogs…
To this ninjas almost Shinobi hidden naked eye, both of these tempting treats look mouth wateringly yummy! 155 more words


Nothing rhymes with Kimchi...

Ok, before you remind me that “nothing” does in fact not rhyme with “kimchi”, I was referring to the fact, that, while there may actually be a word that does rhyme with kimchi, I couldn’t think of one out of hand. 563 more words


Snoopy says...

“Don’t eat yellow snow.” Unless it’s a lemon slushi… Or a maple syrup slushi… Or if snow is code word for german chocolate cake and yellow is backwards day code and is the opposite of brown. 242 more words

Oh Canada we stand on guard for cheese

Being the newest ninja on the block has its perks. For one, I’m somewhat of a novelty. I can dance around our ninja house singing “New Ninja on the Block had a bunch of hits” and not be shouted at.  325 more words