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Our Digital Illiteracy

Pew Research Center recently surveyed 4,272 adults and tested their knowledge of basic computer topics. The results showed that there was a lack of general knowledge about a few of the terms that are important for how people use the Internet. 374 more words

What Customers Want

How to Move HTTP to HTTPS on WordPress

Step-by-Step Guide for Securing Your WP Site

how to move your website to HTTPS is an important issue. These days, we
share sensitive data like credit card and bank information or login… 2,929 more words


Fixing SSL Labs Grade on F5 Big-IP - Enabling HSTS

This week, we’re going for the gold medal, that sweet sweet A+ grade on Qualys SSL Labs. And to achieve this lofty goal of ours, we’ll need to enable one thing, … 1,201 more words


Fixing SSL Labs Grade on F5 Big-IP - Custom Cipher Groups

As promised in my last post on F5 load-balancers, this weeks issue of the never-ending guide on how to keep your F5 Big-IPs in the good graces of Qualys SSL Labs will deal with TLSv1.3 demanding that we use cipher groups instead of cipher strings, and how to set a custom cipher group. 1,234 more words


Install android studio with proxy

For the sdkmanager use the following extra options:

sdkmanager --list --verbose --no_https --proxy=http --proxy_host=<proxy_host> --proxy_port=<proxy_port>