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Hua Ze Lei

Still remember with this emotionless face? This I-don’t-f*cking-care-your-business face who steals soooooo many hearts of many girls? 

Hua Ze Lei. A name that makes time rolled back and made me feel that there will always be a guardian angel when I needed. 145 more words


Meteor Garden - the yellow drama that started it all... ^_^

Once upon a time, there was a girl who craved for something different daily dose of TV drama she can watch everyday.  Her prayers were answered shortly when she was swept by the first Asian drama she has ever watch.  279 more words

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Quote It: Hua Ze Lei

Well, we are going back to my first love…

“There are two types of regret in this world. One is losing the person you love. The other is seeing your beloved lose happiness.”

Hua Ze Lei (Meteor Garden)

Quote It

It Feels Like Today - My 4th Fanfic

I thought I’d post up my fourth fanfic. I decided to tackle Lei and Jing’s love story in this one. I really enjoyed writing this one, only because I felt that I’d grown as a writer when I was writing this. 7 more words