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Kris and Luhan Update!

Journey to the West 2: The Demon Chapter, sequel for Stephen Chow’s box office hit movie in 2013, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, has begun the dubbing process for the movie. 378 more words



Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately – I’ve been quite busy, so I haven’t had much time to write, but thankfully, things have slowed down this weekend, giving me an opportunity to finally blog. 574 more words


Foreign Drama -Mojin: The Lost Legend

Mojin: The Lost Legend (The Ghouls; Touching Gold: The Lost Legend)

125 minutes 2015

This is a great movie that is like a combination between the Indiana Jones series and The Tomb Raiders.  418 more words


[Recap] Go Fighting Ep. 8-9

Here we go for another two episodes of fun and laughs all around! No guest on both occasion and we end up with our favorite six brothers chilling together in amical competitions. 1,136 more words


[Recap] Go Fighting Ep. 7: Part 2, Who is the Successor?

Hehe, new recaps for Go Fighting! Yeahhh ^^ Since Archidisign was nice enough to do a full recap for Episode 7, let’s give it its own article :)) Hopefully the episode tomorrow will be fun ^^ 447 more words


[Recap] Go Fighting Ep.4 - 6

A week isn’t complete if you didn’t catch the episode of Go Fighting! Not the most popular variety show as Run Brother is still leading the ratings in the variety category, this show is however the one that will definitely put a smile on my face. 648 more words


[Review] Go Fighting! Season 2 Ep. 1-3

I was supposed to write a review for Go! Fighting three weeks ago but I procrastinated (since I have so much to say) ^^”. You can believe me, watching Go! 478 more words