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And so I fly... (part 2)

I flew to Chicago for my niece’s wedding (I forgot to note that my Dad picked up a Bailey’s and cream for me at the open bar…I rarely drink, but I finished the small glass of it, hoping it might help me chill a little before the flight). 2,448 more words


Straight Outta Journey

I love my second job as a Peer Mentor in the HUB at American River College in Sacramento, California. While this job is serious, we still like to have fun and keep the work environment positive like taking fun pictures. 79 more words


Time capsules remain closed

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you hear a squeak, you may be on top of what students are now referring to as “the clapper,” located in front of Becker Hall in the Alumni Plaza of Huntington University. 562 more words


And so I fly... (part 1)

Spoiler alert: I made it home alive (and so did my husband).

Yeah, so the trip is over and I survived the flights both going and coming back. 1,588 more words


How to Mark Prior Read or Delete Prior using BlackBerry 10

For times when you need to perform some bulk email management on your device, here are two important things you’ll want to know. The first is the Mark Prior Read option which will mark multiple items as read, the second is Delete Prior which will remove a group of messages. 173 more words


Mid-market, HNW join Fortune 1000 in purchasing KRE insurance in increasingly global world

Several years ago the demand for Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion (KRE) insurance was driven by increases in reported kidnappings, with many more going reported.

Today, kidnappings remain a large concern and still many—as many as 80 percent—go unreported but demand for KRE products may result more from globalization than headline-grabbing incidents. 26 more words

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