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Ad Infinitum: alla scoperta della Space Art con Giorgio Tardonato e Pierre Kuentz

“La  storia dell’evoluzione ci insegna che l’Universo non ha mai smesso di essere creativo o inventivo”.
Karl Popper e John Eccles, The Self and Its Brain, 1977…
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Tablinum Cultural Management

Dwarf Planet MakeMake has a moon

In the outer regions of the solar system beyond Pluto is a region called the kuiper belt, a stellar junk yard of debris left over from the creation of the solar system. 85 more words


Hot Dog!

Hubble taking a bit of a break after *voguing* for me –

Today’s Dog Quote:

“The world was conquered through the understanding of dogs; the world exists through the understanding of dogs.” 22 more words


Makemake Has A Tiny Moon

Hubble has made yet another fascinating discovery. This time it is a miniscule moon orbiting the dwarf planet Makemake.

Makemake, which is named after the creator god of Easter Island’s Rapa Nui people, was discovered in 2005. 100 more words

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