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with some ideas for the holidays. Hubble is posed in front of an old window—I have a couple that I have used on occasion for photographing. 106 more words


Discovery measures 'heartbeats' of distant galaxy's stars

In many ways stars are like living beings. They’re born; they live; they die. And they even have a heartbeat. Using a novel technique, astronomers have detected thousands of stellar “pulses” in the galaxy Messier 87 (M87). 591 more words


Hubble uncovers the fading cinders of some of our galaxy's earliest homesteaders

Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to conduct a “cosmic archaeological dig” at the very heart of our Milky Way galaxy, astronomers have uncovered the blueprints of our galaxy’s early construction phase. 852 more words


Happy Birthday, Edwin Hubble

Today we celebrate the birth of Edwin P. Hubble. Born on this day in 1889, he would have been 126 years of age today. He would become one of the 20th century’s greatest astronomers, one who played a crucial role in our understanding of the universe and our place in it. 704 more words


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Jupiter HD

In October, NASA released this HD video of Jupiter based on new imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Jupiter is in fine view in the… 8 more words