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Nje cope e yjesise se Shigjetarit

Ky imazh mahnites, kapur nga Kamera Avancuar per Studim e Teleskopit Hapesinore Hubble te ESA/NASA’s , tregon nje pjese te qiellit ne konstelacionin e Shigjetarit… 128 more words


NASA - [Artist Concept] Interstellar forecast for a nearby star: Ra... Tom Wheeler

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Space is Big

I didn’t grow up by the sea, so every time I’m faced with an ocean, I get a true sense of awe. The sheer magnitude of the thing in front of me leaves me speechless. 794 more words


E kaluara dhe e ardhmja e nje supernove

Ne fillim te shekullit te 19, sistemi binar yjor i njohur si Eta Carinae ishte i zbehte dhe i paqarte. Ne dekadat e para te shekullit, u be i ndritshem gjithnje e me shume, deri, diku ne prill te 1843 (kur shpertheu),dhe ishte ylli i dyte me i shndritshem ne qiell, pas Sirius (i cili eshte pothuajse nje mije here me afer Tokes). 353 more words


Hubble Space Telescope spots new planet?

A shadow has been spotted by NASA’s Hubble telescope sweeping across the face of a vast pancake—shaped gas—and—dust disk surrounding a young star may point to a new planet located 192 light—years away. 49 more words


Hubble Captures ‘Shadow Play’ Caused by Possible Planet

Searching for planets around other stars is a tricky business. They’re so small and faint that it’s hard to spot them. But a possible planet in a nearby stellar system may be betraying its presence in a unique way: by a shadow that is sweeping across the face of a vast pancake-shaped gas-and-dust disk surrounding a young star. 1,152 more words