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History #6: The Big Bang

This post marks the beginning of an ongoing series that explores big history. It follows the structure of the college-level course developed by historian David Christian. 959 more words


Breathtaking Galaxy Cluster From Hubble Telescope

A photo of a galaxy cluster 4 billion lightyears away, captured by Hubble on July 21, 2016.

The Abell S1063 Frontier Field and Parallel Field is believed to span 20 million miles. 87 more words


This Week in Space

July 15 – July 22, 2016 was an eventful week in space and here on Earth.

Read a brief summary of this week’s highlighted content; select the image or story title to read the entire article. 172 more words


Star Trek Inspires NASA Scientists

The summer blockbuster Star Trek: Beyond has inspired the naming of NASA’s newest Hubble Telescope image.

In honor of the newest Star Trek movie and the 50th-anniversary of the television series, NASA scientists have named the Hubble telescope’s most recent image “the frontier.” The shows iconic popular-culture references to exploring the “final frontier” reportedly inspired some NASA scientists to pursue their passions for space exploration. 156 more words


The Beautiful Face-On View of M74

Image Credit & copyright: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

32 million light years away in the constellation Pisces (Fish) is this beautifully structured spiral galaxy cataloged as Messier 74 (M74). 235 more words


New Atmospheric Study of Exoplanets by NASA

Astronomers with help from the Hubble Space Telescope have conducted their first search for Earth-sized planets beyond our solar system.

The findings focus on two… 261 more words



Spin. Surrounded by a multitude of angel’s wings. Each feathered beat, a gentle two-step. Hugged by the softest touch.  A dance between beauty and mystery, ….

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