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Beyond the Milky Way: The sublime beauty of our galactic neighbors

With the James Webb Space Telescope promising to capture pictures of universe with a degree of detail never before seen, we take a look back at some of the most breathtaking intergalactic images humanity has snapped.
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The Space I Take Up: How Much of it Will I Get to Know?

Space. There is quite a bit of it. In the room I live in, there is 264 sq ft of it. On Earth, there is 196.9 million sq miles of it. 1,464 more words

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Hubble Space Telescope Images the Most Distant Star Ever Observed

Last week, a group of astronomers announced in Nature Astronomy that they had discovered the furthest star ever seen: a blue supergiant named Icarus that shone nearly 10 billion years ago, and located more than halfway across the universe. 170 more words


Most Distant Ever Star

Since I opened this blog about a fortnight ago I am beginning to see news related to Astrophysics and Astronomy quite oft in any newspaper. Some hours ago I have read about the discovery of the most distant star ever. 482 more words