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Watch a Superfast Jet of Gas Burst from a Massive Black Hole

If you thought the destructive laserlike beams from Star Wars’ Death Star were just a figment of George Lucas’s imagination, think again– beams of energy powerful enough to cross galaxies are real, and the Hubble Space Station just got a video of one. 203 more words

TAQueries: Hubble's Legacy

What would you consider the top accomplishments of the Hubble Telescope to be? #TAQueries

Stephen A. Rhodes (@StephenARhodes) May 24, 2015

The Hubble Space Telescope is an extraordinary machine.

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Cosmic Pentecost

Today is Pentecost, when we celebrate the living presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst. For years, I used to describe Acts 2 as when God sent the Holy Spirit among us. 348 more words

Theology Of Stewardship

Hubble And Jupiter's Red Spots

New Red Spot on Jupiter

Photograph courtesy M. Wong and I. de Pater (University of California, Berkeley)

A view of Jupiter taken by Hubble in May 2008 shows a new red spot (far left) on the planet’s storm-roiled surface. 60 more words

Interesting Things

When a Duck is Not a Duck

Image Credit & Copyright: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…….it may still not be a duck?!! That’s the case here with NGC 411; a globular….well, an open star cluster roughly 200,000 light years distant in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). 304 more words


Big Birthday: 25 years of Hubble Space Telescope

The idea to send a telescope into space to get around the quality loss in images due to the Earth’s atmosphere is not new. It was first described by… 255 more words