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Hubble & Spitzer vezhgojne nje 'Pinguin duke ruajtur Vezen e saj'

Cifti galaktikor i njohur Arp 142 eshte i vendosur ne konstelacionin jugor te Hydra, afersisht 326 milione vjet drite larg.

Eshte nje anetar i katalogut te Arp… 337 more words


A "What Am I?" Puzzle

  1. If it wasn’t for my atypical stellar atmosphere, I would be of no value to astronomers. I have a layer of ionized hydrogen and fully ionized helium, neither of which can lose energy to outer space.
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Te dhena te reja rreth perberjes dhe atmosferes se planeteve te TRAPPIST-1

Nje vit qe nga zbulimi i shtate planeteve me madhesin e Tokes te sistemit TRAPPIST-1, shkencetaret kane punuar shume per te kuptuar me mire keto bote joshese qe jane vetem 40 vite drite larg. 550 more words


Shuttle And Hubble

The greatest achievement the Shuttle program managed, was the deployment, saving and maintenance of the Hubble Space Telescope. Of course, the construction, transportation and deployment and building of the ISS was a monumental achievement with benefits to humanity blossoming each day, but regardless its existence and utility, we would be in the dark about much bigger issues without the Hubble. 46 more words


Galaktika madheshtore NGC 7331

Ky imazh nga teleskopi Hubble tregon nje galaktike spirale te njohur si NGC 7331. E zbuluar nga gjahtari i galaktikave William Herschel ne 1784. NGC 7331 ndodhet rreth 45 milion vite drite larg ne konstelacionin e Pegasusit. 270 more words


Hubble’s Majestic Spiral in Pegasus

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows a spiral galaxy known as NGC 7331.

Source: Hubble’s Majestic Spiral in Pegasus

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App Love: Favourite Phone Apps

Happy February! I am so glad January is over. The flu and colds took over our entire house last month and I am looking forward to a new page on the calendar, no more sickness and one month closer to spring! 1,392 more words

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