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Merry Hubby's Corner XXX-mas!!!

Like most people, you’ve likely spent years making Xmas all about the children; making them as happy as possible for Xmas. Whether you agree this is the intension of the Xmas holiday or not – most would agree it’s the thing that makes Xmas most special. 739 more words

Natalie Hartford

Hubby's Corner: What’s crack-a-lackling?

Happy Blogday to me!!!  Today’s post marks one full year since I posted my first Hubby’s Corner.

Now I know my 12 posts do not compare to Natalie’s 400+ posts but I still feel a sense of accomplishment and pride as I think back to the fun and laughs I’ve had over the past year and the sinking realization that our lives are just simply crazy and full of surprises, embarrassing moments, and little incidents that make you belly laugh to the core while tears run down your cheeks. 558 more words

Natalie Hartford

Hubby's Corner: What superhero would you be?

When most people stop and think about superheroes, most would tend to reference the more traditional forms of superheroes seen in this picture. Superman; Batman; Flash Gordon; the possibilities are endless. 717 more words

Natalie Hartford

Hubby's Corner: One person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

Here at HC Headquarters we’ve previously detailed the relationship differences of Hot vs Cold.  Today we are dumpster diving head first into the relationship difference of… 693 more words

Natalie Hartford

Hubby's Corner: As legends has it...

In today’s today’s society, we run across the phrase “As Legend has it…” all to often followed by some urban myth or a wild tale of a tribal object holding mystical powers. 656 more words

Natalie Hartford

Hubby's Corner: the performance review

A performance review can be a great tool for an organization to evaluate an employee’s performance; be it good or bad.  It’s a great tool to communicate expectations and goals and share a two-way feedback that may not be communicated on a daily basis. 448 more words

Natalie Hartford

Hubby's Corner: The Law of Opposites

German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Hegel once said: “Contradiction in nature is the root of all motion and of all life.

The world has countless examples of opposites where one could not exist without the other. 518 more words

Natalie Hartford