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Time to say good-bye…

A morning coffee, two passwords entered, quick e-mail check, then – a glimpse of new leads in the deal flow… I opened a blank page and wrote down a title. 347 more words


In retrospective: The DOs and DON'Ts for a Blind Applying intern

These are my last days as a Blind Applying intern at hub:raum. It’s sad to leave the vibrant Berlin, the always-hungry start-up spirit of Deutsche Telekom’s accelerator, and most of all – to say good-bye to people who have become my friends, mentors and role models… 660 more words


Berlin's soft power: leading by innovating (1/2)

Berlin is not the German state with the strongest economical power in the country: it may rank in GDP beyond Köln, Munchen, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Mainz corresponding states. 675 more words


Tech Open Air: A mind-blowing ideas mix

It’s been Tech Open Air this week in Berlin.  They call it an Interdisciplinary Technology Festival. I’d call it a mix of craziest things in tech. 340 more words


The World Cup, Goldman Sachs & start-ups

The 7:1 outcome in Germany vs Brazil game! That might feel surreal, but to me, it proves one simple truth: football, just like financial markets, is unpredictable. 308 more words


How to secure funding for your start-up? Check out what investors are really looking for!

Financing your start-up can easily become a headache, especially  if you want to scale fast. Ever wondered what investors really expect from you? In this blog post, I’ll provide a roadmap for founders– how to make sure you come to investors prepared. 659 more words


A deep-dive: #start-ups, #VC, #Internet, #hub:raum

It’s Saturday afternoon. Mid-summer. Hot.

I’m looking back at my internship days at hub:raum and… Well, not really: right now I’m actually looking at my blog. 164 more words