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Sanders, CNN's Fave Punching Bag After Trump

Okay so I read an article where Trump revealed he was the reason why Sanders hasn’t been doing as many press briefs as her predecessors. Of course the anti-Trump media army jumped all over that and attacked simply because they could. 373 more words

Colbert, Fallon, and O'Brien Unite Against Trump

As typical of Donald Trump, he took on late night comedians, saying they were¬†¬†“low lifes”.

“I mean honestly, are these people funny?” he continued. “There’s no talent. 39 more words

Huckabee: Wilkinson Led Group Out Of Red Hen To Protest Sanders Eating At Another Restaurant

There is an interesting account of the recent controversy at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va. from the father of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that has gone largely unreported. 43 more words

Making a Point with Hypocrisy

The latest example of political hypocrisy couched in moral outrage is the insistence, polite as it may have been, for Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave a local Virginia restaurant. 425 more words

Mind Wanderings

SS Huckabee, the horse she rode in on, and let's not stop there

If you cannot see that Trump has more in common, character-wise, with Biff Tannen than not, you’re not trying. That’s what makes everyone else think you’re really, simply just lying to them. 2,526 more words


Sheepish About Wolf's Loathing

Reporters who cover the White House play dress-up
And host a big party in order to celebrate
Freedom of press, and acknowledge some scholarships.
Starts in the evening and often goes pretty late. 304 more words