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Orbital 57 - Mark Twain

Mark Twain may have travelled the world, but Gap Storm has travelled the Universe, not that we’re comparing. But Twain braved the Mississippi River, which Gap refuses to do, as he discusses at the front. 111 more words


Peer Review #4 (Daniel David)

Link to comment: https://ddavid1818.wordpress.com/2017/09/05/literature-journal-blog-4-4/comment-page-1/#comment-87

Hey Daniel,

I personally think you did a great job on your analysis with the extract from Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. 105 more words

Peer review 4

“#4 Mark Twain’s description of nature”

Hi Sibel,

This is a great critical entry that is detailed as well as informative. I appreciated how you notice the structure of the paragraph and how it also helped in translating Huck’s appreciation for nature. 107 more words

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Blog 4 - Dual entry

CREATIVE: Imagine you are hitching a ride with Huck and Jim. Write a paragraph describing the setting and the atmosphere of what it is like to be with these two runaways. 1,010 more words
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This Week's Book (#18)

Hello everyone! I’m a bit late with starting the week’s new book. Here’s to hoping I can finish it before Friday!

This next one I’m reading is… 165 more words


6 Degrees of Separation - Wild Swans

6 Degrees of Separation is a monthly post hosted by Books are my Favorite and Best.  They pick a book to start you off, and then you list the next book that comes to mind, then you go from that book to another book, creating a chain. 568 more words


This here is heaven

ENGL204 Blog #4: Imagine you are Huck on the raft. Write a letter to the world saying why you want to be where you are and why the world should be different than what it is. 206 more words
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