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My Top 5 Male Literary Protagonists

As a female reader, I find it so easy to read books mostly from a female perspective. I don’t know why this is – are there more female POV books out there now? 273 more words


Chapter the Last

More of an epilogue than anything, it simply shows the resolve of everything and, as with most of the other signs throughout the book, Jim’s chest hair was another foreshadowing to future events. 20 more words

Huckleberry Finn

Chapter Forty Two

Irony. Not a single thing in that entire chapter could have been expected. Everything was told by Tom, Jim was already free, Aunt Polly comes for a visit and it leaves the reader completely unable to understand what was going on. 41 more words

Huckleberry Finn

Chapter Forty One

Aunt Sally gives off the appearance of Demeter since her very appearance. She has several young children with her and always gives forth motherly love to Tom and Huck. 47 more words

Huckleberry Finn

Chapter Forty

As predicted, based on Tom’s earlier attempts, the escape had also backfired. At least a hundred farmers showed up because of the letter he wrote, proving Tom to be a manipulative character enough to cause so many farmers to believe his letter, another Christ figure trait. 55 more words

Huckleberry Finn

Chapter Thirty Nine

Regardless of all the ridiculous ideas to which Tom seems to have put his heart and soul into, it would seem as though everything is getting ready for an end. 107 more words

Huckleberry Finn

Chapter Thirty Eight

More and more stupid things to do while Jim is in prison. None of it makes sense to anyone except Tom and, being the inconsiderate child he is, he forces it onto everyone. 70 more words

Huckleberry Finn