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Mid-July work

I have just now finished my first read-through of PrairyErth and will shortly begin to work my way through it again, this time looking at notes I’ve made in the book by passages that might serve well as jumping-off points for writing assignments for my class this fall.   1,374 more words

Teaching Ideas

Weekly Update, July 15 2017

In which I talk about what I finished, what I started, extreme tonal shifts, guilt, and mascara-stained-pages. 626 more words


Twain in the 21st Century

One of the meta-ironies of the late, lamented Colbert Report was that some conservatives had difficulty perceiving its, well, irony.  In other words, they thought the right wing bloviator Stephen Colbert was an O’Reilly rip off instead of an O’Reilly satire. 2,666 more words

Cultural Criticism

Shift Into First

It first happened in our upstairs hall last summer while I sorted school supplies into two piles. One for the big one and one for the little one. 812 more words


Huckleberry Days

Do you want to make memories that will last a lifetime? If so, then start a tradition of Huckleberry Days with your kids or grandkids this summer. 634 more words


Review: The Road To Ruin, Part 2

“The question is,” Lieutenant Orville said, “is the butler in on it?”

Lieutenant Wooster cocked his head, like a very bright spaniel.  “You think the butler did it?”

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Donald Westlake Novels

Sobre lo que leo

En la entrada anterior, comente sobre mi primer libro y su impacto que tuvo. Recordar la historia como si la hubiera vivido, fue lo que me marco como lector, a partir de ese momento cualquier historia que leía, tenía que ser fantástica, leer sobre asuntos cotidianos o mundanos, siempre me ha causado una flojera terrible, hay algunas excepciones como al “Guerra de Galio” de Héctor Aguilar Camín, pero supongo que me gusta, porque al final ocurre en un México anterior al que crecí. 314 more words