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Nuol X Kingkong (feat. Huckleberry P) - Bassline

Nuol and Kingkong give us a track that has a nice bump to it, which makes since because it’s called Bassline.  Equating themselves to both the essential element of hip-hop production and the standard to which all should hold themselves, Nuol does a good job of relating his premise, even if some of the words don’t seem to fit (we’re tossing that off as cultural differences because we’ve seen some of the references before).  36 more words


Reminisce named among world rappers that are Revolutionizing the World of Rap

In honour of Eminem launching a rap battle league called Total Slaughter, TIME listed a few international rappers who are making their voices heard.
In the post titled – “Forget Eminem: World Rappers You Should Meet“, Chord from Sweden, Salome MC from Iran, Bushido from Germany, Huckleberry P from Korea and Fabri Fibra from Italy were listed alongside Reminisce from Nigeria. 36 more words

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