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Relevance-light models are now retail's big problem

So-called “asset-light” business models, where a company has relatively few capital assets compared to the overall size of its operations, have drawn increasing attention (and investor dollars) in recent years. 433 more words

Being Remarkable

The Futility of Trying To Keep The Cats Off My New Mattress

The cats have done it again. Just when I thought the rules were clear and all parties understood them perfectly, they decided to Do-As-They-Damn-Well-Pleased — … 869 more words


Book Review- The Tenderness of Wolves

The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney appeared to be a formidable reading group assignment with almost four hundred pages of dense type. After testing the first few chapters it seemed my concerns had been confirmed. 302 more words

Snug As A Bacillus In A Cheese

THERE WAS A WINTER when it was so cold that the air hurt to breath and made the hair in adult noses crackle. Power lines snapped under the weight of accumulated snow, which completely buried our car, and which we melted in pots on our wood-burning stove because the plumbing was frozen. 1,146 more words

Small Talk

Vancouver, WA trip, April 2016

This is a report of my short trip to Vancouver, WA to visit my son, daughter–in-law and grandson for my grandson’s 1-year birthday. This would be a car trip and to make it up there and back in the time I got off work would require a marathon drive, about 17 hours each way. 1,695 more words


Arctic Medal 1857

Here, at http://www.medals4heroes.co.uk we have recently added this superb Arctic Star to our stock list.

This medal was instituted 30th January 1957.

It was awarded retrospectively to all officers and men engaged in the expeditions to the polar regions from 1818 to 1855, including those involved in the on-going search for the ill-fated Franklin Expedition 1845-48. 93 more words


Lindsay, Twomey, Richardson, Winrob, Settler assemble powerful collection

The Winnipeg Art Gallery’s collection is the largest of it’s kind in the world, thanks to generous donors.

As an art movement, contemporary Inuit art has an exceptional history.

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