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Muslims have no freedom to practise their faith in Malaysia?

MCA: Terengganu proposal to shame Muslims who don’t attend Friday prayers is excessive

PETALING JAYA: Punishing Muslims who do not attend Friday prayers by transporting them in a hearse to shame them will appear to be excessive to non-Muslims, said MCA Syariah Law & Policy Implementation Special Task Force chairman Gan Ping Sieu. 187 more words


The value of human life

On the authority of Ibn Masúd (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “It is not permissible to spill the blood of a Muslim except in three instances: the married person who commits adultery, a life for a life, and the one who forsakes his religion and separates from the community.” 346 more words

Forty Hadith

Selepas Mustafa, Kini Hadi Serang DAP

KUALA LUMPUR – Pilihan raya kerajaan tempatan yang cuba dihidupkan semula oleh DAP boleh menyebabkan  tragedi 13 Mei berulang, demikian pandangan Presiden PAS.

Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, di dalam artikelnya di Harakahdaily bertajuk ‘Menyanggah pandangan DAP mengenai pilihan raya kerajaan tempatan’ berkata perjuangan DAP menghidupkan semula pilihanraya tersebut adalah kesilapan. 214 more words


Malaysia's Competing Coalitions: War of Attrition Going "MAD"?

Partyforumseasia: Sometimes the epic struggle between the ruling Barisan Nasional and the opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalitions reminds of the cold war nuclear strategy called “ 448 more words

Political Parties In Southeast Asia

Understanding the Law of Mohamedanism: Hudud, Syariah and Islam in Malaysia. Part 2- An Introduction to Islamic Criminal Law.

An Introduction to Islamic Criminal Law.

After yesterday’s post on the legal maxims on which reasoning, the entire shariah is governed accessed here, we now turn to the penal aspect of Islamic law. 677 more words


Understanding the Law of Mohamedanism: Hudud, Syariah and Islam in Malaysia. Part 1- The Five Maxims.

A blessed Octave of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and a very happy new year, the year of Our Lord Twenty-hundred and Fifteen. It has indeed been nearly a month and a half since my last post as I have been very busy this past few weeks. 953 more words


READING ESL: religion and law

This is a summary of an article posted on a Malaysian online news site; there is a  link to the original article and a vocabulary list of uncommon words posted after this summary. 610 more words