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V is for Vả Figs

We to think of Vietnamese cuisine as a single entity, but really it’s made up of many regional dishes and ingredients. The cooking of Huế features a variety of such foods, and a variety of locally grown fig is one of these. 725 more words

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Enjoy your Valentine's

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be limited to roses, jewelry, and diamonds. Sometimes the best gifts are things you and your loved one can experience together. 86 more words


Guide to Apache Falcon #6: Monitoring Jobs

This series is designed to be the ultimate guide on Apache Falcon, a data governance pipeline for Hadoop. Falcon excels at giving you control over workflow scheduling, data retention and replication, and data lineage. 649 more words


Visiting Vietnam / Part 2

It’s been just over three weeks since I posted part 1 of Visiting Vietnam, and as I sit here at gate 9 of Ho Chi Minh International Airport, I’m now able to reflect on my experiences and give some first hand responses to the predictions I made before coming to this country. 1,386 more words


The Imperial City: Huế

Huế is the former imperial capital of Vietnam. In its centre, the walled Citadel and Imperial Palace was the political and cultural focus of the country for more than a century and a half. 179 more words