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:: Refreshingly Blue ::

We’re love spaces that are designed with blue hues! Not sure if spring has completely sprung and we’re rapidly jumping into summer mode or if it’s the permanent coastal love affair between the style and the color, but we’re really into it! 105 more words


Hues that can influence the palette of your moods!

Uncategorised and unprecedented, we have been aware that colours, in their basic form and diluted- have a lot of subtle effect on our brains. They affect our moods, our emotions. 632 more words


(Weekend Update + PHOTO) 🖥@LDarlingIMVU x Chanel™ IMVU™ 💁❤💜💚💙💛  #EveryDarling Charity

This weekend London Darling IMVU™ kept it busy in New York. Releasing new single “Chasing Dreams“, attending a Chanel™ IMVU™ Charity Gala and marking another staple in her career. 137 more words

Just Darling™ Gossip

Summer Evening Stroll

Enjoying less of breeze, more of
Never they looked at each other;
Pompous bikes and cars easily,
Stole their gazes.

Gang of buds, lost in various virtual tracks, 46 more words

MJ's Poems

10 Items To Give You A Pop of Color This Spring

Spring season is a time of year when nature is in full bloom, bringing with it a vibrant array of colors in all shades of the rainbow. 547 more words

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Kindred Spirits

Pocahontas asked if you can see the colors of the wind. I ask if you can see the color of life, the colors of your friends. 192 more words


Pleased with the morning.....

Pleased with the sight of the morning

waves and its hues of colors kissing

my eyes and feet to transfer the

magic to the core of my soul, 44 more words