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The dying light of the evening
revealed the beauty in shadows,
when the sinking sun in farewell,
breathed life in shades of gray.
The dim lights of that evening… 44 more words

Maybe we'll have a panda bear.

During our first doctor’s visit, the doctor warned us about pregnancy-related folk beliefs here in the Philippines. Apparently, one of the prevalent beliefs here is if you eat dark colored foods, your baby would come out dark. 236 more words


To Etch Unto Mirrors of Flesh

vibrations. energy
pulsating vermilion reveling in the void
indolent husks wrapping wired frame
housing the boundless hearth called home

yet we search for our worth… 75 more words


NaPoWriMo Day 23: Language of Hues

These special ones
Have a unique language
Each hue symbolising
Emotions, thoughts
Feelings, gestures
I love you reds
Friendly yellows
Love at first sight
Speaks lavender… 38 more words



Shards of beautiful glass
Broken all around me ; some
are mirrors, some pierce the soles
Of my traveling feet ; but I’ve picked up a shard… 41 more words



They flock. Pattens in blue. Birds. Fly aimed Welcome new lands. They carry seasons- them they know. How I wish I were the skies. #HeartSoup

— Awkward Earthling ™ (@samjoths) April 10, 2015

Image Courtesy : Thanks to…
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Perfect Pastel Musings

I’m having a little break of sorts as it’s the Easter holidays and everyone needs a bit of down time right?

I love creating colour inspired mood boards, you really see the seasons in the them as I put together one every Friday, my musings as I like to call them.   61 more words