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To be a Tree

Some days I wish I was a tree
A thick long poised stretch
From the earth to the heavens
So gracefully and steadily holding
Its ground luxuriously spreading… 157 more words

Scattered Words

The 100 Hue Colour Test


I came across the 100 Hue Test when I was scrolling through my tumblr the other day, and I found it very interesting. Did you know that 1 out of every 255 women, and 1 in every 12 men have some kind of colour vision deficiency? 242 more words


Definition #130 The Four Freedoms

every poet knows:

move on with artwork, style, hues:

freedom of taste reigns! 20 more words


Revelation Seeps

Revelation Seeps

Revelation Seeps

into the marrow


of pre-defined order

within the substance

upon which Creation


teeter-totter simplicities

along the Divinity

of our precious souls… 38 more words


Color Hues and Geographic Location

by Dave Hanks

Returning from an excursion in the pine forests of central Oregon, I’ve become more impressed with the color intensity of its various lifeforms. 324 more words


Some Thoughts On Color

My intent isn’t to write a bunch about color theory and technique, but rather to share some perspective on how I think about color and apply it to painting. 847 more words


Color (fever dreams)

Surrounding the soul
I watched as the shift
From dim to light
The color a blue
Turquoise of the sea
So deep as the water… 186 more words