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Health Before Wealth

First post, yes! check this out, I believe that being healthy is super important, so first things first, always invest in your health, being sick will make it extremely hard to focus on things that matter. 165 more words


Doing the Starbucks Dance

This article has been published on The Huffington Post.

It’s Monday morning.

Starbucks greets you like an old friend. You push open the door to the familiar sound of chatter and espresso machines. 187 more words


Target Millennials With Your Modern Day Restaurant Marketing

In a world where Millennials rule, efficient methods of restaurant marketing must cater to a more educated and stimulated audience.

Millennials are driven by creativity and the desire for a personalized experience; look at their Instagram feed and you’ll see the reflection of their ‘unique selves’. 398 more words


Scurte #527

– cele mai vândute titluri din 2016 (Bookblog.ro)

– ce filme/adaptări SFF vor apărea sau ar putea să apară în următorii ani.

– cel mai bune… 27 more words


The Two Minute Rule

It’s a new year. You are probably working on your resolutions. They could include eating better, working out more, being more organized or managing your time better. 684 more words

Is Betsy DeVos Bringing Back Prayer in Schools?

The headline, and subsequent story on The Truth Division’s website, seems to indicate that this is what the new education secretary, Betsy DeVos, intends to do once she is confirmed to the position. 2,064 more words

Biblical Truth

Women’s March For Justice

This is my latest for Huffington Post, “Women’s March for Justice”. I hope we can all join in the March. 1,077 more words