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Regime change in Iran appears increasingly attainable

By Ken Blackwell

Thirty years after President Reagan seized upon an historic opportunity to bring down the Iron Curtain, there are growing indications that President Trump can make similarly historic strides in the conflict between the US and the new Evil of our time: Islamic extremism. 756 more words


Huff Po Loves "Weekend"

Lesbian Communities: Looking Backward, Looking Forward

1. Weekend by Jane Eaton Hamilton. Do you remember what it feels like to read a novel that has lesbian lives, lesbian bodies, lesbian minds thoughtfully and carefully rendered by a writer of extraordinary talent? 56 more words


New In HuffPo: My New Normal Post Philando Castile

Yesterday, I was pulled over.

The reason given was that my license plate cover was too dark. I never thought it was, nor had I been warned for this previously. 151 more words

Legal News


Cahoots: (n) colluding or conspiring together secretly.

By cracky, it’s just not groovy to use the word “cahoots” even if it does sound boss.

What a bummer. 230 more words

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Q&A: Jonah Peretti on BuzzFeed's Potential IPO, Video Strategy and NBCUniversal Ties

Jonah Peretti launched BuzzFeed in 2006, after co-founding the Huffington Post a year earlier, as a proof-of-concept for how to create and track viral content. He’s now sitting atop a digital media empire that emerged from those viral, data-centric roots — and NBCUniversal, looking for the magic to rub off, has plowed $400 million into BuzzFeed. 1,608 more words


Twitter Blasts Old Takes From Salon, HuffPost Mocking Otto Warmbier Following His Death: ‘Disgusting’

In light of Otto Warmbier‘s death earlier today, there are a lot people on Twitter who are seething with rage against liberal news sites and media figures who once blamed the American student for his own predicament. 88 more words