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A patriot's guide to shopping during a Canada-U.S. trade war

Macleans magazine’s Tom Yun has just published a summary of products we Canadians can purchase to offset the idiotic trade war launched by Donald Trump. While we may feel helpless in fighting back, we’re not. 339 more words


Arianna Huffington encourages Winnipeg students to prioritize their well-being

Arianna Huffington is set to officially receive the 2018 International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award Tuesday evening in Winnipeg, but before she was honoured, she spoke to students at the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business. 293 more words


My Suicide Week

Reliving hell in the 24-hour suicide news cycle.

By Ashley Feinberg

Repost via the Huffington Post:

When someone famous, especially someone who means so much to so many, dies by suicide, a voice in my head screams at me to get out of my own thoughts and do something. 580 more words


NYPD hires first turbaned Sikh female

There’s a first for everything, and for the NYPD, a brand-new officer is making much-needed waves in the name of inclusivity.

According to theĀ Huffington Post… 193 more words

The Inspired Life

on dividing lines

I have endeavored to be cautious online in a lot of ways. It’s mostly the memory of the early days of the internet when DSL began to take hold but there wasn’t a lot of robust security, and hackers had a period of easy pickings. 341 more words