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Marriage First, Kids Second

A theme that has come up frequently in our recent marriage study has been how stressful parenting is and how difficult it can be to “get away” with your spouse. 487 more words

Authenticity as a Travel Writer.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now; in fact, I’ve been meaning to write it ever since I read an article… 861 more words


The Gay Rights Threat

Dear Average Christian,
Do you work with someone who is gay? Do you have a sister or aunt or uncle or know a server from Starbucks who has a partner of the same sex? 618 more words

Merrie on HuffPost

Happy to say the Merrie post was picked up by HuffPost.

Funny, being published was such an ordinary thing for me back in my “magazine days.” My words and name in print for a month, then all was recycled. 56 more words

Story Telling

Girl Crush

Okay, currently there is a song being played on the radio and some stations are pulling the song saying that it “promotes the gay agenda” so let’s talk about this. 631 more words

It's Not Always Easy Being An "Indie"Author ... But It Can Be An Adventure

The cats have accused me, yet again, of being entirely too “whiney” about this book marketing stuff. They told me that they tried their best to ignore it the last couple of days — Nick by going under the covers and Rose by wrapping her fat self into the smallest ball a 15 pound cat can manage — but it hasn’t helped. 828 more words


Vice Co-Founder: Females Shouldn't Go On Spring Break As They 'Can't Hold Their Booze As Well As Men'

The co-founder of Vice magazine has sparker controversy by claiming that female students shouldn’t attend Spring Break as they “can’t hold their booze as well as men” on a Fox News segment. 301 more words

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