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Shahidi hits back at Hollywood stereotypes

It’s no secret that stereotypes still persist in pop culture and in the world at large. But Yara Shahidi had some powerful words to help tear down hurtful and confining stereotypes that continue to plague the realm in which she works: Hollywood. 265 more words

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10 Reasons NOT to visit Paris

You may have read a lot about why your life is simply not complete unless you visit Paris. Paris sends out her siren song and every year millions of unsuspecting victims answer her call. 1,018 more words

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Grenada’s Commitment to Sustainability and the Blue Economy

Source: The Huffington Post

“I was always inspired by the marine environment. Growing up I spent a lot of time on the sea, so the oceans are something near and dear to my heart,” explained Dr.  888 more words

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These college students wrote dueling articles about support for Donald Trump

Two op-eds from college students are whirling around the Internet this week, stirring up thousands of shares and mixed opinions from their classmates about their stance on Donald Trump. 428 more words


Denim done right by Torrid

Shopping for jeans can be a loathsome process; search around the Internet and you’ll find that women everywhere largely dislike shopping for the wardrobe staple. But hitting the stores for denim doesn’t have to be frustrating — that seems to be the message behind new ads from Torrid. 291 more words

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Jenny!Jenny!Jenny!Now I see why you don’t want children,you just love enjoying yourself too much without the cries of a baby,the breastfeeding and diaper changes..If you are Jennifer Aniston and you have no baby to take care of,life is just too good.Why not spend it lounging in the sun in Italy getting tanned…rite?? 187 more words


Fresh "Funfetti" Zucchini Bread

No sugary sprinkles here. Even as a child I did not like what we referred to as “jimmies”. While visually lovely, sprinkles have a weird waxy texture that turns me off and easily ruins a perfectly delicious creamy bowl of ice cream or icing on the cake. 718 more words