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Why I Use a Recorder for Personal Growth

Exercising the muscle of high self-esteem.

I’m sitting in the driver’s seat on a typical weekday morning, getting ready to commute a half hour in to work. 909 more words


We prefer a cheap hotel to even the best Hostel in Lisbon?

Lisbon must be the city in the world with most Hostels? Why do people sleep there?

In 2012 we decided to postpone our plans of starting up Tings Yangon in Myanmar – a project we had been working on for 2 years – and instead start-up in Lisbon. 767 more words

A Word From Thomas & Annette

The selfie, and how it made Gen Y a charitable bunch

I bring to you, the one, the only, the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013, the selfie.

Except you have probably heard of it, because it is not 2013 anymore, and besides the fact that I do not ask every person I meet, I honestly do not think I have met a single human who does not know what a selfie is, including the children in the video above from rural India. 999 more words


How Art Therapy Is Making A Difference In The Ritsona Refugee Camp (And How You Can Help, Too!) | The Huffington Post

***The Arts in Health Series: Art Therapy and Refugee Trauma***

Brought to You by My Curated Information Blog, Create & Be Well

          We are overwhelmed by the stories of refugee suffering and the political and social challenges faced by countries receiving them. 112 more words

Basic Girl Can’t Fathom World Without Wanderlust

LAFAYETTE, CO – 20-year-old Autumn Appleby woke up in the middle of the night breathing heavily and covered in sweat. She had just experienced her worst nightmare in years. 174 more words


Arianna Huffington. Pledoarie pentru viaţa trăită autentic

Arianna nu are doar un nume elegant, cu consoane duble, o forţă a discursului şi o seriozitate a muncii care se reflectă în reputaţia de care se bucură azi, ci şi o filozofie de viaţă  care te… 730 more words

This blog covers a plausible theory of how the NYC FBI along with Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater and brother of Betsy Devos, and the former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani conspired to steal the election from the democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton in order to catapult their man, the republican Donald Trump into the White House. 1,775 more words