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These Photos Show How The World Might Look To A Person With Autism

QI Zhao Researchers created photos to show how people with autism perceive their environments.

Individuals with autism see the world through very different eyes than those who don’t have it, which impacts how they interact with their environment. 524 more words

Dont Sell Our Refinery 

The controversies generated among Nigerians on the much talked about plans to sell refineries should not be seen from its debate value based on cleavage-based sentiments alone. 1,003 more words

Why Is 4/20 The Stoners Holiday?

What is it about 4/20 that makes for a stoners holiday?

Let’s face it… Stoners don’t need a holiday to blaze.

They just need some trees and a fire source with some papers or a bowl or a bong. 349 more words

Take Action to End Injustice and Inequality in the World

What do you think? Can they possibly believe what they’ve said? Can they have been serious? What action could they possibly take to end injustice and inequality? 140 more words


Fashionable or Frightening FAIL?

In spring of 2014, I began a very public journey to learn how to find and apply makeup correctly. You see, up until recently, I wore very little to no make up beyond a gloss and mascara. 448 more words