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Quarterly Check In

So it’s the end of March and we all know my resolutions have been derailed. But how are you guys doing? Did you make a lot of New Year Resolutions? 443 more words


Mardi what? Gras who??


Listen…. I have NEVER been shy  about taking risks or exploring new things and so when some friends took me to dinner to celebrate my birthday a month ago and the conversation shifted to doing something fun in the middle of winter, we played around with a few locations and struck gold when I blurted that I had never visited New Orleans.. 652 more words


These Photos Show How The World Might Look To A Person With Autism

QI Zhao Researchers created photos to show how people with autism perceive their environments.

Individuals with autism see the world through very different eyes than those who don’t have it, which impacts how they interact with their environment. 524 more words

Dont Sell Our Refinery 

The controversies generated among Nigerians on the much talked about plans to sell refineries should not be seen from its debate value based on cleavage-based sentiments alone. 1,003 more words