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Man's Best Friend, Black man's Worst Nightmare and Cat's Longtime Rival

If you had to ask every black man on earth if they like dogs and I guarantee you 70% out of 100% will so NO!, but that being said, dogs are adorable creatures when they are trained and looked after, but imagine owning one of these huge dogs or for my fellow black men, imagine walking into a friend’s place and you’re confronted by these huge woofs! 37 more words

A New Grandson

Time spent with Superhero grandsons is always a good thing.  My Northern family get a visit from us about every four months.  That’s not often enough; they grow so quickly.   421 more words

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Trek's Forbidden Love, or Release Clarice!

This is Trek. Trek and his heart belong to three young girls that think the world of him. Trek gets to hang out with his cat pal, Mittens, gets lots of snacks and kisses, and spends the day napping and waiting for his next family adventure. 335 more words


Big Dogs Rock!

A heads up for our new site! Rovers Cove is not just another dog site, it is catered to those of us who own BIG DOGS. 123 more words

Big Dogs

Big Dogs for a Big Week Ahead - Let's Try again!

For some reason, the gallery did not pick up in the last post, so try, try again…  Big dogs this time.  I usually post the little ones, but these are XL, XXL, and XXXL.  48 more words


Did Anyone Get the License Plate Number of the Dog That Hit Me?

Yes…It is as bad as it sounds.

Sometimes I think if it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have much luck at all. No, really. 618 more words