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Chicken Tractors

This weekend has been beyond busy… Kem started building chicken tractors for the new additions.  The Blue Andalusian girls will be in the Chicken Palace above and the meat birds will go into something like the one in the far background (I’ll get better pics later)…. 295 more words

Building The Dream

Cold is a relative word

As I am typing this I find myself ‘waxing philosophical’. I have been complaining how ‘cold’ it has been and I remember why we 1) moved from MT so many years ago – 70 below wind chills and my 1st grader was expected to stand at a bus stop… 637 more words

Building The Dream

What a week!

We gained another dog from someone that thought they could hide a miniature horse from their landlord apparently…. why, oh why? 499 more words

Building The Dream

As we celebrate the little things!

We finished (for the most part) the streetside door today! Concrete poured and roof in place is a huge project down.

The siding will be put back after the addition to the living room is complete and the new energy efficient windows are installed. 90 more words

Building The Dream


The wind is blowing under the eaves of our house and making ghostly sounds. The windchill is 9 degrees. Winter is upon us. I always get antsy at this time of year, wondering what to do with myself until the ground unfreezes and the weather warms enough to work outside. 327 more words


this is my largest painting to date, nearly 2metres square on 2 separate canvases

I am planning my next HUGE work, which will be about the same size, but made up of 6-9 canvases, the largest individual piece to be 80cm x 120 cm, the smallest, 50 cm sq… 109 more words


Fiction Writing

Next semester is going to be big. Not only is it my last semester of college, and I will walk across the stage to finally get that rolled paper I’ve been working so long for, but I will be taking Fiction Writing, where I will write a short novel. 982 more words