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Movie Review: Two Weeks Notice

A lawyer decides that she’s used too much like a nanny by her boss, so she walks out on him. (from IMDb)

There is so much more to this movie than that description right there. 145 more words

Polyp Fiction


I had to go in to hospital for a colonoscopy.

Dreading it, I was.  I had to drink litres of fluid to ‘clean myself out’ the day before. 424 more words

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The Rewrite-大器晚成

The Rewrite-(愛情二次創作)大器晚成


英國小生Hugh Grant近年減產,所以身為他影迷的我,一見新片上映即買飛進場,果然新作沒有讓我失望。看過他十多部作品的我,認為《愛情二次創作》絕對是他從影以來最出色的作品之一(頭五位走不了),也令我再次留意執導的Marc Lawrence。

大器晚成,是《愛情二次創作》中提及過的,女主角Marisa Tomei一心想寫好劇本,追問主人翁Hugh Grant「你相信大器晚成嗎?」我是相信大器晚成,特別某些職業,都是要人生經驗才能成熟。Marc Lawrence本人已經是一個大器晚成的例子,《愛情二次創作》故事原型,其實就是他早年的親身經歷。

Marc Lawrence出身電視編劇,在他入行前,他就是在電影設定的賓漢頓大學(Binghamton University)讀英文系,畢業後更留下教人寫作,直到後來以輕鬆家庭喜劇《Family Ties》成名。

就如Marc Lawrence電影所表現的,出當一名編劇,其實不如外間所想象的精彩,有苦自己知。也就是因為Marc Lawrence是內行人才能寫出這麼有血有肉的角色;主人翁Hugh Grant是一名荷里活過氣編劇,為了維生到大學教劇作,諷刺的是他一向討厭老師,認為他們沒資格對人指指點點。

最奇妙的是他無心插柳之下,他的確教會了學生一些不是書本不能學到的東西,以分享人生經歷及鼓勵,循循善誘讓學生知道方向自身的優點。我認同創作是不能教的,因為每人的創作方式都不一樣,有天份當然是先勝一籌,但憑著後天努力,也可以達成理想,正所謂一分天才九分努力。讓人能通過創作更了解自己,是最大的得著。Marc Lawrence就是借電影來說明這個道理,不老土而幽默非常。

主人翁在家中落寞時翻看舊時拿小金人意氣風發的模樣(Hugh Grant 1995年《Four Weddings and a Funeral》奪得奧斯卡最佳男主角得獎片段),與女權主義文學系的教授過兩招談論Jane Austen又是充滿火藥味。最深刻的是結局一幕他向女權教授低頭認錯,竟然又擦出火花,教授以Jane Austen《Sense & Sensilibilty》的姊妹花自喻,令我有一刻著時空交錯,腦中浮現了當年Hugh Grant在《Sense & Sensilibilty》與Eleanor交往的畫面。神來一筆之餘,又不知可算是Marc Lawrence對Hugh Grant的致敬呢?! 42 more words

Motion Picture

THE REWRITE Review - A Second Chance...


* * *  1/2

In a day and age when the vast majority of movies that roll out on a nationwide scale are all about high-concept plotting, franchise-worthy source material and showy, effects-heavy scope, there is little room in multiplexes for well-written, character-centric ensemble pieces—no matter who is starring in them. 476 more words


Shia LaBeouf: Intro, Abstract, Lit Review, Methodology and Research

Mel Plemons & Emily Baker


Shia LaBeouf has participated in a number of shenanigans that have made others question whether he is just a disaster waiting to happen, or if his need for attention is truly a cry for help, including allegations of plagiarism, numerous arrests, confusing tweets and apologies, with his most recent shenanigan being his participation in Sia’s Elastic Heart video, featuring LaBeouf with a ten-year-old, which was seen as child pornography. 1,190 more words

The Rewrite: Witty romantic comedy with some meaty lines

2014 (UK) 2015 (USA)

Starring: Hugh Grant (Sense and Sensibility), Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny), J.K.                           Simmons (Whiplash)

Director and Writer: Marc Lawrence ( 557 more words

Christian Movie Review

Elusive Englishmen?

“I lived in the UK for 7 years and never met any man who was anything like either Hugh Grant or Colin Firth”

Heard this morning whilst walking to work. 910 more words