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Hugh Hewitt: CNN's debate ratings will trump Fox News'

Hugh Hewitt, who will ask questions of the GOP hopefuls alongside Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, predicts that CNN’s debate ratings on September 16 will trump the ratings of Fox News’ – which were at a record high. 77 more words


Jake Tapper chats with fellow debate questioner Hugh Hewitt on CNN's GOP debate

Speaking on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Jake Tapper discussed the GOP debate at the Reagan Library on September 16, which Tapper will be moderating (Hewitt will be asking questions as well). 234 more words


OK, Conservatives Can Be Funny

Hugh Hewitt, known as a “smart” conservative and gatekeeper, said the funniest fucking thing today. While outdone in the laughter department by Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, it’s his turn to bring the hilarity: 118 more words

Political Doofuses

Christopher Hitchens debates William Lane Craig at Biola U: Does God Exist?

Here is the video of the debate:


MY NOTES ON THE DEBATE: (WC = William Lane Craig, CH = Christopher Hitchens) 2,725 more words


[VIDEO] Krauthammer Blasts 'Greek God' Obama For Attacking Fox Over Poverty: 'He's Letting Us Know His Arrogance Has No Limits'

On Wednesday’s Special Report with Bret Baier, FNC’s Charles Krauthammer slammed President Obama for attacking Fox News’ at an event on poverty at Georgetown University.


Podcast education

Things have been ramping up lately and time has become more precious. It’s interesting how as you get older you look back fondly upon the oodles of free minutes and hours you seemingly once had to piss away on whatever you fancied. 628 more words


Tapper: Nerd Prom has gotten out of control

Jake Tapper confesses that Nerd Prom has “gotten out of control” and it is “so self-congratulatory and self-referential and so self-reverential” last night on the Hugh Hewitt Show. 439 more words