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Scott Walker: I'd reject Iran nuclear deal on 'Day One'

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said he would reject any deal the Obama administration reaches with Iran on nuclear weapons if the agreement allows the country to continue with uranium enrichment. 398 more words


"Doing Real Vetting Should Be Part Of The Job": Why Conservative Media Should Be Tough On Republican Candidates

When the RNC announced a few weeks ago that conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt was going to moderate a primary debate, many liberals ridiculed it as evidence that they wanted to shield their candidates from anything but softball questions. 1,044 more words


Ben Carson Traces ISIS to the Book of Genesis

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Wednesday that the roots of radical Islam are the biblical conflict between Jacob and Esau.

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, the former pediatric neurosurgeon argued that the origins of groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are the fight between two brothers described in the book of Genesis. 734 more words

'Low level rogue server’: New twist in saga of Hillary's email has a familiar ring to it

Hillary Clinton has said that her work emails were saved and personal emails deleted from her server (though reportedly none were actually read before being deleted). 234 more words

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Hugh Hewitt, Jake Tapper to lead early GOP 2016 debate

CNN wasn’t happy when I broke the news that Jake Tapper would moderate one of the first Republican presidential primary debates of the 2016 election. They also weren’t happy that I identified conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt as a “co-moderator.” They insisted that his role will be to ask questions, not to moderate. 13 more words

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Planet Of The Llamas

” On Thursday, I kept my weekly date on The Hugh Hewitt Show, just in time for the big news of the day…

304 more words