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CNN announces Republican debate criteria and moderators

CNN’s next Republican debate, which will be moderated by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, along with questions from panelists conservative radio show Hugh Hewitt and chief political correspondent Dana Bash, will take place on December 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 118 more words


4. Trump’s Top Trumps: John Kerry "who falls off bicycles at 73..."

“They (Iran) have no respect for John Kerry who falls off bicycles at 73 in the middle of a negotiation that’s very important (the Iran nuclear negotiation).”


There's a call on RNC to rethink CNN's upcoming GOP debate

There’s a call, pushed by Breitbart News, for the Republican National Committee to “seriously rethink” CNN’s upcoming GOP debate, moderated by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer… 95 more words


Watch Joe Scarborough School Far-Right Talker Hugh Hewitt On Alleged ‘Liberal Media Bias’ (VIDEO)


This is a must-watch video clip, mainly because it features Joe Scarborough laying out exactly why the current GOP’s pee-pants-dance in response the so-called “liberal media’s” treatment of the Republican presidential field is absolutely not lopsided, and nor is it unfair. 847 more words

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Hugh Hewitt to reprise his role as a panelist in CNN's two upcoming debates

Conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt will reprise his role as a debate panelist for the upcoming two CNN Republican debates, on December 15 and then in March 10, according to a… 126 more words


Ben Carson Continues to Prove He is not Ready for the Presidency

Given that Doctor Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon it is difficult to understand how lacking he is in basic knowledge about how the Federal government operates and how little he knows about American treaties. 633 more words


Anderson Cooper plans on incorporating his panelists more in the debate

In what may or may not be a dig at how Jake Tapper ran his first debate, with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt and political correspondent Dana Bash asking only a few questions, CNN Democratic debate moderator Anderson Cooper… 129 more words