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First blog post

The title of this template blog post will remain unchanged due to the fact that 1) I am not creative, 2) I do not know the first thing about starting or writing a blog, and 3) I can not even give you a remote idea of what the main theme of this blog will be. 414 more words


The Democrats Got Their Special Prosecutor From The Gutless Republicans But It Just Might Come Back To Bite Them

The Democrats have been wanting to impeach President Trump before he even took the oath of office. Their hatred is so deep for Trump that they have forgotten their ill ways and all their cover-ups, Hillary’s classified emails floating around in space, her private server removed from Washington and sitting in someones closet. 505 more words

Even With Comey's Dismissal, Republicans Will Continue to Back Trump

There is nothing good about the Trump presidency. With last night’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, the balance of power that stabilizes our democracy is in danger of shifting disproportionately to the executive branch. 867 more words


The TSL Power 50

The 50 Most Influential and Most Listened-To Streaming Talk Show Hosts.

Rank / Show
1 Michael Savage
2 Rush Limbaugh
3 Laura Ingraham
4 Sean Hannity… 258 more words

Michael Savage

MSNBC: Jason Johnson on Women's March on Washington

On MSNBC, The Root Politics Editor Jason Johnson discusses the Women’s March in Washington with radio host Hugh Hewitt and political analyst Erin McPike.