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The Death of the Media, Cont.

From Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie:

–HUGH HEWITT named NBC News/MSNBC political analyst – Hewitt, host of “The Hugh Hewitt Show” on the Salem Radio Network, has been a frequent guest on the two networks this campaign season — including regular appearances on “Meet the Press,” “Morning Joe,” “MTP Daily,” and MSNBC’s primetime primary coverage. 168 more words


Paul Ryan Insists He Won't Be Surprise Republican Nominee

House Speaker Paul Ryan once again denied Monday that he was mulling a presidential run from the shadows in the event of a contested Republican convention in July… 179 more words

Hugh Hewitt, you are wrong - Donald Trump is having a very good week

On the day that Donald Trump saw his best polls to date for the Republican nomination, Hugh Hewitt proudly said, Trump’s ‘very bad week continues.’ Apparently, that’s because the news cycle is working against Mr Trump. 911 more words

Donald Trump

What's left for Trump to say?

The latest statement by Donald Trump would knock an ordinary mortal out of the race for the Presidency, but Trump has proven, again and again, that he defies the laws of gravity.  697 more words

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The ELEPHANT in the Room

The ELEPHANT in the Room

The temporarily final Republican debate in Houston last night has come and gone and we look forward to a sorting out, a quieting down, some heavy-duty thinking by the Republican electorate. 771 more words

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