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Deadpool Giving Surprise Movie Cameo! WHAT!?

Just two more years until the Hugh Jackman officially says goodbye to his on-screen persona as the Wolverine in the character’s final spinoff film due in 2017; He’s been the only character to appear in all of the X-Men films and it appears that although X-men may soon be done with Wolverine, Deadpool is only just getting started. 254 more words


Ryan Reynolds Wants A Huge Jackman Cameo In The Deadpool Movie

Ryan Reynolds is hoping for a Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) cameo in the upcoming Deadpool Movie. 195 more words

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Ryan Reynolds Comments On The Possibility Of A Wolverine Cameo In 'Deadpool'

Deadpool is currently filming in Vancouver, Canada, with Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds as the titular Deadpool. He found time to stop flipping onto cars and… 229 more words


Sword Dance 12: Thy Sweet Converse

Hugh Jackman is said to be starring in an upcoming film about the Apostle Paul, produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Fine and dandy. 1,593 more words

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Prisoners: A film and a few ideas

*Some spoilers for the film Prisoners lie ahead, although I’ve done my best to reduce them*

Storytelling is an incredible thing. It’s really like a whole universe in and of itself, where we consistently find and create fresh meaning even when it seems all the tropes, plots, settings and characters have been completely used up by storytellers past. 1,790 more words


In the words of The Beatles....

Let it Be….Vegemite. just be happy to be Vegemite. so far we’ve had Vegemite mixed with cheese spread and called Cheeseymite – not cool. if you want cheese with your Vegemite you do just that, you make a sandwich with cheese and Vegemite. 266 more words