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Art Improvement Day 28: Actor Portrait of Hugh Jackman

Ugh… I spent way too long on this particular piece. Not to self- don’t try to shade large areas of shadow using only a mechanical pencil… 44 more words

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Sense of Magic in The Prestige


     The magic of Christopher Nolan’s mind is presented through a tedious and honest attempt to portray human relations, rivalry among all others, in a package wrapped with magic and tricks in his 2006 film The Prestige. 854 more words

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The Village Shop and Hugh

I’m walking into the village where I used to live with a guy with blonde hair. It’s day time, the sun is hazy and it’s warm. 297 more words


দ্য ফাউন্টেন – জ্ঞানবৃক্ষে বন্দী জীবন-সন্ধি

একটা বৃত্ত-বিম্ব মেঘ হয়ে মহাশূন্যে কাঁচন হলদেবর্ণে ভেসে যাচ্ছে । ওই বৃত্তে বন্দী ‘জীবনবৃক্ষ’ । জীবনবৃক্ষে বন্দী অমরত্বের সন্ধান । কিন্তু ‘ইযি’ (রাচেল) বলেছিল মায়ানরা বিশ্বাস করতো আকাশে জ্বলে উঠা স্বর্ণরূপ ধারণ করা ‘সিবাবা’ (মৃতপ্রায় নক্ষত্র) কিছুদিন পরই বিস্ফোরিত হবে, সেখানে জন্ম হবে নতুন নক্ষত্রের । একটির পরিত্রাণ হবে অন্যটির অবস্থান । 67 more words

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Seminal: Kate Winslet's Biting Portrait of Faltering Empathy As Woman-Across-From-Man-With-"Ball Neck" in 'Movie 43'

At Flavorwire, we often pay attention to the new, but we make sure to do so not at the expense of what’s come before it. In “Seminal,” a bi-weekly column, we examine earlier, under-acknowledged exemplars of dramatic mastery from revered actors’ careers — moments that should be described as, dare I say, seminal. 895 more words


'Wolverine 3' (2017): Welcome Mr. Sinister

Written by,
Sean Wall

Some of us never thought it would be the end but when it was revealed it was a shock to us. On March 3rd, 2017,  ‘ 553 more words



Prisoners is directed by Denis Villeneuve known for Incendies, Enemy, the truly sublime Sicario and the upcoming Sci-Fi film Arrival. The story focuses on the disappearance of Keller Dover’s daughter and her friend after a thanks giving dinner one afternoon. 354 more words