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Embracing Negative Space

This blog is ostensibly about “failure” but really it is about a much broader and more abstract notion of the “the other side”. The other side to upside, to fortune, to plans, to goals. 181 more words

Turning Adversity To Advantage

Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten. Then when you

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Quote Of The Day

You Were Born to Create

I was reading a book by Hugh MacLeod called Ignore Everybody over the weekend and loved how the words resonated with me, how they spoke to me, and even struck a chord in me. 616 more words


Embracing Hard Questions

Happy Birthday Hugh. Of all my failure embracing thought leaders, Hugh’s drawings feature more frequently than Scott Adams legendary Dilbert on this blog, and he is quoted more than anyone save Seth Godin. 29 more words

Turning Adversity To Advantage

Embracing All Days

  • “Walt Disney was told to scrap Mickey Mouse (they thought a giant mouse would scare women). Steven Speilberg and Albert Einstein were rejected from the schools they applied to.
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Turning Adversity To Advantage

'We all lead perfectly happy lives, and love ourselves all the time!' Bleurgh.

I need to do something about my lack of a brain. I have a lot of thoughts, but no brain that can process it slowly, so it all ends up sort of backed up into a corner and I have to swim/jog/cycle/talk to myself to get it all out. 1,756 more words