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'We all lead perfectly happy lives, and love ourselves all the time!' Bleurgh.

I need to do something about my lack of a brain. I have a lot of thoughts, but no brain that can process it slowly, so it all ends up sort of backed up into a corner and I have to swim/jog/cycle/talk to myself to get it all out. 1,756 more words


Updates on my May/June holidays, i.e. slacking, slacking, so much slacking to do heheheh.

I feel like I am living in a steamer right now. The weather this week has been horrible. It is not just hot, it is ridiculously humid. 1,246 more words


Always Go With Your Passions

This quote from Deepak Chopra is something I’ve lived by for years. I may not be as successful as some of my peers at this particular moment, in that, I currently don’t have my own home, (I’m literally room surfing, staying with my bandmate Scooter now, and staying with a friend for the summer until our tour), and I’ve been driving the same car for almost nine years and I’m not sure when the last time I went shopping for new clothes was… but none of that shit matters to me anymore. 720 more words


Best Work

Happy 15th Birthday to Gapingvoid. I probably celebrate the anniversary of Hugh’s brainchild venture more than he does. But then, he is someone who celebrates embracing failure more than just about any blogger (except me, obviously). 82 more words

Turning Adversity To Advantage

Day 16 Drawing 

Make art every day. This is the title of one Hugh MacLeod’s chapters from his book Evil plans. His book has inspired me to start this blog as that is how he started. 35 more words

Savour Obscurity While It Lasts

Wow we really want things to come to us quickly.

Fast cars, grand houses and grand fortunes.

And our journey can be frustrating.

We are impulsive creatures and we don’t like playing the long game. 539 more words