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Panorama shootout: Lightroom vs Photoshop vs Autopano vs Hugin

Now that Lightroom has the ability to merge photos to a panorama, I thought it would be a good idea to test all the pano software I have to see which produces the best results. 424 more words


Leveling Up (Focus Stacking)...

Leveling up, in case you don’t know, is gamer-speak for learning new skills (usually your character has gained new skills and increases in level, e.g. 1,070 more words


Remembering and Thinking


The deeper my attempts to bathe in Mimir’s well, the further apart from the worlds I find myself. In the clenches of chaos, I recall Odin’s plight: 60 more words


13 - Ramsgate to Sandwich

Distance: 14km

Steps: 22,182

If the steps seem a little on the low side I have to admit I jumped on a bus for the last two miles into Sandwich… 261 more words

Padilla Bay at the end of 2014

This is one of the few times I have tried an HDR process with Hugin and Luminance HDR. Please tell me what you do not like about it, curious if it matches what I don’t like about it. 35 more words


Hugin & Munin

Second and last part of LokiFan92‘s request: during another deleted scene of Thor: The Dark World, we see Odin “speaking” with one of his ravens, and the bird is the one (the two, actually) we’ll speak of today. 769 more words


Passionate Panorama.

Panorama, or “picture of unusual aspect ratio” is fascinating somewhere unavoidable. People often ask me how to stitch them or how tough is to create them. 192 more words