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How Ravens Came to be Black

How the Ravens Came To Be Black

Once upon a time and long ago, Odin was walking under the branches of Yggdrasil when two ravens swooped down and settled upon his shoulders. 580 more words


Top video stitching softwares for a perfect 360 VR video

The whole idea of watching videos has taken a big leap of late. With the introduction of 360 degree VR videos, the experience of watching a video is an altogether new one. 479 more words

Purple Flowers

Sometimes I like adding a newsprint effect to feel…modern.


Making a Panorama - or a simple stitch

Sometimes, we have the wrong equipment and cannot frame an image correctly. Many would say, well stand closer, or further away. This in principle is fine, but sometimes you get caught out and want to take a ultra wide angle shot, or even just combine two photographs. 1,037 more words

The Moon and Jupiter (and more moons...).

I didn’t get around to a writing post this week. It just didn’t work out this week, with other priorities and things to do. However, on the 17th, there was a nice clear night, so I did manage to get the scope out. 681 more words