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Purple Flowers

Sometimes I like adding a newsprint effect to feel…modern.


Making a Panorama - or a simple stitch

Sometimes, we have the wrong equipment and cannot frame an image correctly. Many would say, well stand closer, or further away. This in principle is fine, but sometimes you get caught out and want to take a ultra wide angle shot, or even just combine two photographs. 1,037 more words

The Moon and Jupiter (and more moons...).

I didn’t get around to a writing post this week. It just didn’t work out this week, with other priorities and things to do. However, on the 17th, there was a nice clear night, so I did manage to get the scope out. 681 more words

My first panorama: Al-Maidah

This view, from the balcony of my favorite restaurant – the Al-Maidah – in the hillside town of Murree, Pakistan, was my first true panoramic project. 117 more words


Viking Lore: Hugin & Munin

Hugin and Munin (Old Norse Huginn, “Thought” and Muninn, “Desire”) are two ravens in Norse mythology who are shamanic helping spirits of the god Odin. 332 more words

Myth & Method

Adopting Windows 10 for a photography workflow

Changes of computer platforms or even system upgrades can be daunting and I do not think that we are really feeling adventurous when our workflow is working. 1,546 more words