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The Shiva of CERN

CERN, or the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire… Is an interesting place, not only for the physics done there, but partly because most English Speakers get confused as to why the Acronym’s letters don’t match its English name, “European Council for Nuclear Research”… wouldn’t that be ECNR? 466 more words


Having remained silent on the subject for a year now, Danish Black Metallers BLODARV are ready to announce their new drummer with the arrival of Galheim  (DENIAL OF GOD, AD NOCTUM, EXMORTEM, LIVJATAN) on a full time basis. 490 more words


Hugin 2017.0.0 — Stitching HDR and LDR Panoramas

Having been an occasional user of Hugin for many years, I have described my recent experience of stitching High-dydnamic-range (HDR) and normal, (Low-dynamic-range) panoramas from a set of 9 images shot one evening at Salford Quays. 56 more words


Hugin and Munin

Hugin and Munin (pronounced “HOO-gin” and “MOO-nin”; Old Norse Huginn, “Thought” and Muninn, “Desire”) are two ravens in Norse mythology who are shamanic helping spirits of the god Odin. 357 more words



Odin was the father of Thor and leader of the Aesir. He sacrificed his eye to gain all knowledge and hung himself for ten days as a sacrifice to himself so he can gain the knowledge of the rune. 101 more words


Huginn and Muninn

Here’s my representation of Huginn and Muninn.  Huginn represents the careful and intricate weaving of our thoughts. Muninn, on the other hand, is a more deceitful raven. 27 more words

Lucas Nickerson Art


Maybe I got a little carried away…

I got four separate wide panoramas out of my visit to Grose River. Here they are in order from upstream to downstream, right to left from the bank I was shooting from, though I shot from several different spots along the bank. 60 more words