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The Ugly Face of Socialism

Allen West writes about the The Ugly Face of Socialism in Venezuela:

“Hugo Chavez, and now President Nicolas Maduro (funny thing, Maduro used to be a bus driver) championed the principle of social egalitarianism. 352 more words


Marxist Venezuelan Authorities Seize GM Plant

The inevitably failing United Socialist Party that has been plaguing Venezuela for the last decade has just torn a page out of the Communist Manifesto by seizing the company’s means of production. 435 more words

Venezuela Fights for Freedom

The capitalist and imperialist Merchants of Greed, and their centres of propaganda, try hard to smother the truth about Venezuela and its socialist government.

They attempted to peddle the same lies about the socialist hero, Hugo Chavez, and his policies. 34 more words


What Kind of King is Jesus?

On the western side of Jerusalem, Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea, would enter the city, bringing with him at least 1,000 Roman soldiers on chariots, on horseback, and on foot. 251 more words


Trumpism and Hugo Chavez' Rule in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez provided our country a recent glimpse into what happens when a bully is given power.  Politico.com offered a report by Andres Miguel Rondon who lived through Chavez’ reign of terror in Venezuela (1999-2013) and how that the impact continues even today after his death.  430 more words

Donald Trump

Greg Palast | Billionaires vs. Billionaires: How TrumpCare's Defeat Was Actually a Victory for the Koch Brothers

The Kochs don’t want ObamaCare, TrumpCare, nor any care at all for Americans that add to their tax bill. Call it KochDon’tCare.

David and Charles Koch. 1,085 more words

Corporate Empire

Socialist Paradise: Why aren’t American Socialist moving to Venezuela?

American Socialists, including many college professors, are critical of capitalism while proclaiming the merits of socialism. So my question to these socialist is, “Why are you not moving out of the US into the socialist paradise of Venezuela?” 704 more words