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Cristina Fernández: El mejor homenaje a Chávez es mantener la lucha, construir mayorías

El mejor recordatorio a Hugo Chávez en la compleja situación que vive hoy el continente es manteniendo viva la lucha, construyendo mayorías con mayor compromiso popular, exhortó la expresidenta argentina Cristina Fernández. 530 more words

Idiot of the Week #2 - Pat Robertson

My first “Idiot of the Week” piece this week awarded the title to a 91-year-old woman, Phyllis Schlafly.  This one bestows the honour upon an 86-year-old man. 966 more words

Idiot Of The Week

Palestinians Remember Hugo Chavez on His Birthday; Carlos Santana Set to Perform in Israel

Hugo Chavez was born July 28, 1954, and died March 5, 2013. Many people believe he was murdered. You can go here or here to read discussions on that question. 391 more words


No Arrivals: The Visible Isolation of Caracas

The Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas has become, perhaps, the most isolated capital city airport in the Western Hemisphere, taking the contemptible honor away from Havana. 1,005 more words


Venezuela: don't mention socialism!

A June 19 article by Nicholas Casey of the New York Times painted a vivid picture of the crisis in Venezuela:

With delivery trucks under constant attack, the nation’s food is now transported under armed guard.

601 more words

Cheering Chávez: John Pilger

This week we’re discussing Australian-born, Britain-based journalist John Pilger, whose decades-long oeuvre is one long attack on the Western democracies and love letter to various despots around the world. 704 more words


If you have chosen America to live because of its Freedoms Vote for Hilary Clinton - Your Freedom is in jeopardy

Donald Trump thinks because he is rich he has a right to rule, he thinks because he was handed over money  by his father and had a silver spoon in his mouth he has a right to rule. 376 more words