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Bring Them Home

During the decades of Hugo Chávez’s rule in Venezuela, his policies crept to the boundaries of dictatorship, yet he still enjoyed popular support because of his rapport with the poor and the high price of oil. 1,188 more words


From Belfast to Palestine Resisting Occupation, Report on Sundays event

On Sunday the group Sunday Poetry At Ellingtons had a variety of speakers and poets take a stand against colonialism imperialism and political prisoners of the empire. 340 more words

Venezuela's Top Comedian Feels the Heat

“The U.S. was colonized by British settlers who came to the New World with their families, perhaps a pet or two. Meanwhile, Latin America was colonized by Spanish fortune seekers who left their wives at home, and when a guy goes on a long trip by himself … well, no good can come out of that.” Laureano Márquez, more commonly known as just… 767 more words

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Leaders: Do we need them? Thinking about Fidel and Hugo

All my life I have had a problem with leaders. I think the main reason I line up with the movement, whatever you call it (more in a minute, in the next paragraph), is my deep distrust and antipathy toward hierarchies, and toward most of the leaders that top those hierarchies. 728 more words

Review : Chávez: Venezuela and the New Latin America

This book is based on a series of interviews given by Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, to the daughter of Che Guevara, Aleida. Although the book doesn’t cover the entire period of Chavez’ rule up until his demise, it presents a wonderful tale and grasps fundamental insight into the way the mind works of one of the most popular Latin American leaders of the modern era. 129 more words

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Under pressure from Brazil, Venezuela announces legislative elections for end of the year

MercoPress, 5/11/2015

Pressure has been mounting on the populist President Nicolas Maduro to set the date for the 2015 parliamentary elections. The scheduled vote comes as a severe economic downturn has eroded Maduro and the chavista regime popularity, leading to speculation in some quarters that the election may not be called at all. 64 more words

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Marxism and the struggle for socialism in international relations


To outright declare that Marxism contained no theory of the international would be to misunderstand the implications of the class struggle. By its nature, antagonism between classes extends into the international realm. 3,273 more words