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The political environment in Venezuela is unstable, and concerns about its economic viability are growing. No one knows what will happen in a year, perhaps longer, until the situation changes. 77 more words

South America

The Pharisees Stand Accused

The recent allegations of sexual misconduct aimed at prominent liberals such as Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, and Minnesota Senator Al Franken, along with the left being forced to confront Bill Clinton’s past through Juanita Broaddrick’s unrelenting campaign to make the public aware of Clinton raping her when he was Attorney General of Arkansas, has the Pharisees of the left standing accused of the very crimes of which they’ve always so condemned conservatives in mock fits of moral outrage. 2,347 more words


Fidel Castro the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution and the Bolivarian Pan Latino Revolution

Fidel Castro was one of the great men and revolutionary figures of the 20th  century and the great October revolution led by the great comrade Vladimir Lenin  was one of the great events of the 20th century and inspired by its example and teachings Comrade Fidel Castro The Lenin of The  western hemisphere and pan Latino world was able to lead the great Cuban socialist revolution to victory in Cuba and to establish  the first liberated  territory     and  successful socialist state in the western hemisphere and The  Pan Latino world  and  today new October Proletarian Socialist   revolutions are needed in all parts of Latin America and the Pan Latino world in order to create one single  Pan Latino Socialist state stretching from North America to Uruguay  and the Latino islands of the Caribbean  so that the great Bolivarian Revolution  that was started  nearly two centuries ago by the great Simon Bolivar and continued   in our time by president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and his successor Nicolas Maduro   can be completed. 16 more words

Bolivarian Venezuela celebrates Bolshevik Revolution

Venezuelans brandishing placards featuring Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin took to the streets commemorating the centenary of the Bolshevik revolution.

A crowd dressed in red and brandishing images of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, often juxtaposed with the former leader of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, celebrated in the streets of Caracas to mark 100 years since the founding of the first socialist state. 79 more words

Long Live the Great October Revolution - 100 years of screwing Imperialism!

by Andre Vltchek

The world is in ruins. It is literally burning, covered by slums, by refugee camps, and its great majority is ‘controlled by markets’, as was the dream and design of individuals such as Milton Friedman, Friedrich von Hayek, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. 2,336 more words


Cómo funcionan las comunas que Hugo Chávez quiso impulsar

El expresidente de Venezuela ya fallecido, Hugo Chávez, ya enfermo y a los pocos días de haber ganado la reelección y seis semanas antes de su última aparición en televisión, comunicó al pueblo venezolano que se encontraba realmente molesto. 19 more words