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Venezuela Is About to Go Bust

Venezuela’s economy is facing a tsunami of bad news. The country is suffering from the world’s deepest recession, highest inflation rate, and highest credit risk — all problems aggravated by plunging oil prices. 834 more words


Venezuela is imploding from years of socialism

Venezuela, an oil-rich country of more than 33.22 million in South America, is on the brink of economic collapse.

The culprit? Years of socialism, especially the 15-year presidency (1998-2013) of Hugo Chávez — the dictator who was Sean Penn’s best bud. 562 more words


Look to Zimbabwe When Divining Venezuela's Fate

Venezuela’s doom has been increasingly predicted in the press as of late, particularly as the price of a barrel of oil plummets to decade lows. The country has been deficit spending for years, which has manifested itself in the skyrocketing inflation of its currency.   676 more words


Danny Glover's annual Castro fix

Last August, we profiled action-movie star Danny Glover, with a focus on his chummy relationship with the late Hugo Chávez and his even chummier… 631 more words


The Movement to Dismantle Industrial Agriculture

Growing Change

Directed by Simon Cunich (2011)

Film Review

Growing Change is an Australian documentary about Latin America’s food sovereignty movement and the deliberate campaign by Venezuela and other left leaning governments to extract themselves from the US-run system of industrial agriculture. 403 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

Menengok Presiden-Presiden Radikal Eko Prasetyo

Eko Prasetyo adalah penulis yang kelewat produktif. Seri “Orang Miskin Dilarang…” adalah sekian buku diantara karyanya yang mengukuhkannya sebagai pamfleteer populis Indonesia abad ini. Kali ini saya akan menyinggung bukunya “Inilah Presiden Radikal.” Kali ini bukan berupa review tapi saya akan membahas keempat orang yang disebutnya “Presiden Radikal” setelah hampir 10 tahun bukunya terbit. 618 more words

War Of The Thrones

Brazil: rejecting utopianism

We’ve spent a good deal of time on this site profiling the chavistas in Venezuela and the Kirchnerites in Argentina, but we’ve devoted little or no attention to their counterparts in the massive land between those two countries – namely, Brazil. 531 more words

Human Rights