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‘Venezuela: The Fruits of Socialism - Update’

“Facing a bread shortage that is spawning massive lines and souring the national mood, the Venezuelan government is responding this week by detaining bakers and seizing establishments. 982 more words


Fake news about Venezuela: a simple recipe

by Ricardo Vaz, from InvestigAction

“Journalists” who want to write fake news about Venezuela, or about any other country or group that dares to stand up to US imperialism, only need to follow this simple recipe: 1,436 more words


Hyper inflation of 231,150,888,87 percent in July

Janet Yellen and the FED raised the rates and its expected to see them raise the rates at least a couple of times before the end of this year. 760 more words

Stock Market

This Time It'll Work!

The proponents of socialism—communism-lite—when they are willing to admit its failings—virtually never—always claim this time their brand of socialism will be better. This time it will be the perfection socialists have always claimed it must inevitably be. 942 more words


Don't Let Them Eat Cake: Maduro's War Against Bakeries

As Venezuela continues to fall into economic ruin with food and other basic necessities in short supply, President Maduro declared war on public enemy number one, the culprits responsible for the crisis… 481 more words

Domestic Politics


The United States was originally a great experiment.  The idea of national power being totally generated and held in the hands of its’ citizens was a unique approach to governing a sovereign country.  749 more words

Venezuela Has Exxon Mobil's $1.4 Billion Ruling Overturned

Venezuela’s legal battle against imperialism took another great step forward with a new ruling by a World Bank arbitration panel. In 1999 when Hugo Chavez was elected he nationalised some of Exxon Mobil’s major projects in the country. 184 more words