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Some time ago, Irvin Jim, general secretary of South Africa’s largest trade union, the National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa), declared that the union was “Marxist-Leninist”, a label that belongs in the political and not union arena. 934 more words

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Venezuela: Từ một cường quốc kinh tế tới cảnh…người dân bới rác tìm đồ ăn

Venezuela: Từ một cường quốc kinh tế tới cảnh…người dân bới rác tìm đồ ăn


(VNF) – Từng là một cường quốc kinh tế của Nam Mỹ với lượng dự trữ dầu khí lớn, thế nhưng giờ đây Venezuela lại là quốc gia nợ nần nhiều nhất thế giới do mô hình kinh tế nhà nước kém hiệu quả và nạn tham nhũng nghiêm trọng kéo dài. 2,237 more words

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How Venezuela Became a State in Crisis

By Victoria Landaeta
Correspondent, Undergraduate Student

I was born in Venezuela three months before the presidential election of Hugo Chavez  sparked the Bolivarian Revolution. I am writing this article to illustrate, through history and personal experience, my country’s journey from being one of the most economically promising and prosperous countries in South America, to the current crisis state. 1,076 more words

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A Facebook experiment with California liberals and Alabama conservatives suggests beliefs, not facts, are what really divide us

Just over a year after voters placed Donald Trump in the White House, the country remains more divided than ever. After initial overtures, many voters and pundits have sprinted farther away from one another. 1,231 more words

In 2018, Chavismo’s Time May Finally Run Out

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s embattled regime ended a tumultuous 2017 by having to suppress renewed food riots resulting from the government’s failure to import sufficient supplies of pork leg, a traditional holiday staple. 839 more words

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Venezuela: A country in meltdown

Venezuela’s inflation rate is already the highest in the world but is set for a new record. Even in the capital, people are struggling to afford basic goods and services on incomes once regarded as more than adequate. 1,015 more words

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Venezuela Crisis, JNU and Lal Salam

Venezuela has huge reserves of one of best natural resource in world- Oil. Rising prices of oil resulted in huge cash flows for Venezuela. The then President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez decided to follow the socialistic model of economy. 435 more words