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The price of stupid leadership: Venezuela is on the brink of collapse

Years of extreme ideology and economic ignorance have consequences.

Venezuela should be a rich – or at least comfortably middle class – country. It has the largest oil reserves on earth.

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Venezuela is shutting down

We are witnessing someting unprecedented in our life time: An entire country, Venezuela, is shutting down before our eyes.

Here’s the latest on the increasing desperate situation in Venezuela, from… 588 more words



Fox Hollow, FL – Things are so bad down in Venezuela, a nation that is built on the foundations of Bernie Sanders type of socialism, that people are actually eating dogs among other small animals such as cats, roaches, etc. 1,161 more words

Liberal Fascism

New Institutionalism and the Janus Mask of the Venezuelan ‘Sistema Nacional de Misiones’

The ‘Sistema Nacional de Misiones’ or ‘Misiones bolivarianas’ are a series of social programs developed in Venezuela in 2003 by Hugo Chavez’s government. The social programs are aimed to redistribute wealth (specifically oil earnings) and breach the inequality gap in Venezuela. 993 more words

Advice for Venezuela & U.S. from survivor of Argentina economic collapse

Fernando Aguirre is a survivor of the hyperinflationary destruction of Argentina’s economy in 2001, who managed to get himself and his family out and now lives in Spain. 827 more words

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Media Wars: The Role of the Left When Venezuela's Imperfect Revolution is Under Attack

by Tamara Pearson-Venezuelanalysis.com

One of my deepest reasons for respecting Chavez was his way of speaking sin pelos en la lengua – without hairs on his tongue – directly, clearly, unafraid of admitting to problems, challenges, and his own humanity, right down to his toilet needs. 1,271 more words

Venezuela's Economic Crisis Means There's Not Enough Sugar to Make Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has stopped making its trademark fizzy pop in Venezuela because of a shortage of sugar in the economically troubled South American country.

Reuters reports that production of Coke, as well as other sugar-sweetened drinks, has halted completely, citing a combination of government price controls, rising costs of production, restrictive labor laws and a lack of fertilizer that have pushed many small-scale farmers to switch to other crops. 106 more words