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Breaking from Stalinism

Reflections from the past year

The following roughly details the past year of my political journey organizing as a Stalinist, and how I became subsequently disillusioned and ultimately broke away from it. 3,532 more words


Black Internationalism and the Colonial Challenges Facing Haiti and Venezuela | Venezuelanalysis.com

Solidarity as defined by President Aristide takes root in the African philosophy of Ubuntu, Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu: “a person is a person through other human beings. 308 more words


The Reality of 'Red October'

‘We shall now proceed to construct the socialist order.’ VI Lenin (speech to Second All-Russian Congress of the Soviets)

On 25 October 1917, (pre-revolution calendar) Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Russian Bolshevik Party, organised a successful coup d’etat and seized power in St Petersburg, then known as Petrograd. 1,282 more words


The Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

There has long been political discord in Venezuela. In recent times this discord has led to economic catastrophe, which has caused a humanitarian crisis in the country. 1,062 more words

Latin America & The Caribbean

EconomicPolicyJournal.com: How Two Venezuelans View American Socialists


By Rafael Acevedo and Humberto Andrade

Democratic socialists in America are trying to introduce their ideology as something new, when in fact, they are only retreading old-fashioned ideas that history has already disproven. 390 more words

The Military Option Against Venezuela in the "Year of the Americas"

“If the US attacks Venezuela from Colombia it will initiate a “war of 100 years, and this war will extend to the entire continent.”

President Hugo Chavez Frias (Nov. 2,894 more words