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The World Is Watching Caracas

On December 6, Latin American democracy will face a crucial turning point: parliamentary elections in Venezuela. For the first time in over fifteen years, the country’s ruling United Socialist Party (PSVU), which has dominated the legislature since 1998, looks set to lose a major national election despite its control of a system rigged steeply in its favor. 950 more words


Evo's Hollywood amigos

Bolivian president Evo Morales doesn’t often make front-page headlines in the U.S., but his image was all over the Internet in early July when he presented the visiting Pope Francis with a bizarre gift: a “cross” made out of a hammer and sickle. 620 more words


Obama Administration looks the other way when it comes to anti-West, despotic, genocidal regimes

Progressivism: Easing the Way to Mass Murder
by Kenneth Levin
September 26, 2015

…President Obama, during his 2008 campaign as well as in earlier speeches, promised to act against the Darfur genocide. 99 more words

Israel & Middle East

Evo Morales-Bolivia, December 8, 2007

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In a hurry again; and it shows. A special envoy is in Bolivia where things are heating. In this interview Evo set his post (and those of the hostile governors) to be ratified by the people. 208 more words


Why The United States Needs Cuba To Defuse the Venezuelan Crisis

Hugo Chavez’s vision for Venezuela propelled a mass wave of popular support that encapsulated the South American dream for socialism – a government that took care of its outcast poor for the first time. 1,443 more words


Whose side are you on, Bernie? P.S. He did mean Chávez

I am adding a P.S. to my prior blog because a number of people have questioned whether Bernie Sanders really meant Hugo Chávez when he said “dead communist dictator.” An excerpt and a link, … 153 more words

That day at the UN - President Hugo Chávez

That moment in history that would attract and hold the attention of so many, Remembering Hugo Chávez’s Speech at the UN

Of course, as is now very apparent, the sulphur emanates more so from the establishment than its messenger .

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