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Trimming Hedges, part two

Yesterday we started looking at Chris Hedges, a journalist and commentator who is a hero on the radical left – and, above all, a hero in his own mind. 390 more words


Investing in Venezuela: It's a Good Idea? (I)

People are always asking me, “What is going on in Venezuela? the media don’t say much”. Most of the time, they are asking me because they have intentions of investing here. 733 more words


Meet Venezuela's not-so-very-oppositional "opposition" leader

Over the last few days we’ve been looking at some of Venezuela’s slimier chavistas. But let’s not leave the impression that all the unsavory public figures in that country are members of the ruling party. 477 more words


The Extreme Left-Wing Fortress So-Called Petrobras

Published on http://www.reuters.com/

Petrobras union begins 24-hour strike against asset sales, oil bill

BY JEB BLOUNT          JULY 24

Brazilian oil workers began a 24-hour strike on Friday in an effort to stop moves to shrink state-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras, according to the main union representing the workers.

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TeleSUR, ten years on, with focus

TeleSUR celebrates its tenth year of operation. And as most countries of the region continues to pursue their path of independence, it is only natural that… 402 more words

Latin America And The Caribbean

Inside the "Bolivarian Circles"

We’ve been looking at some of Venezuela’s more prominent chavista creeps. But no account of useful stooges in that poor put-upon country would be complete without a mention of the so-called “Bolivarian Circles.” In 2001, the year they were founded, … 386 more words


Yet more chavista thugs

Yesterday we started out on a little tour through the swamps of chavista criminality. First up was Hugo Carvajal, a longtime pal of Hugo Chávez who served as his main conduits to the FARC terrorist group, with which the Bolivarian regime enjoyed very friendly relations. 572 more words

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