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Socialism Miracle! Rich Oil Nation Venezuela Turned Into A Nation of the Walking Dead

The government’s drafting people to work the fields. Protests and riots now choke the cities.

By The Editorial Board
The New York Post

Here’s socialism at its finest: Venezuela is now forced to import oil from the United States, the devil in the eyes of the regime. 299 more words


“When I first found out I was going to Amsterdam, I thought I had been there before, even though I hadn’t, because I’m not very good at geography, and I thought Amsterdam was in Belgium. 891 more words

Hugo Chávez

... The Sad Think with Venezuela [#oil exploration]...

.. Venezuela is an oil – rich nation , that is no doubt . However , its legacy is being squandered by the Chavistas and now Nicolas Maduro and his gang , with an assist from Cuba … 156 more words

Personal Opinion

The Venezuela Crisis.

Venezuela is a beautiful country, full of beautiful landscapes, with impeccable culture, full of history and friendly people, Venezuela is a country that in view of any person is a atlantis, full of so many beauties and riches. 674 more words


It's a dog's life

Venezuelans struggling to feed their families let alone pets amid an unprecedented economic crisis are increasingly dumping scrawny animals in streets, parks and makeshift shelters. 75 more words


Chavismo is not socialism

Let’s get to the point: Chavismo is nothing more than a stronger form of Keynesianism, but it’s not socialism. Why? Because it maintains private property, it maintains electoral democracy, it maintains constitutional rule of law and it is based on the exportation of oil to foreign clients, the latter of which is one of the defining elements of modern post-Reagan and post-Thatcherite capitalism. 469 more words

Venezuela at the abyss: 500,000 swarm streets of capital to demand recall of president

After months of hyperinflation, and food, water, and medical shortages, the people of Venezuela finally took to the streets to tell their socialist government they’ve had enough. 1,028 more words