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[2013] Using Human Rights for Right-Wing Politics

Using Human Rights for Right-Wing Politics

Peter Thiel, a billionaire hedge fund manager, a personal friend of Thor Halvorssen and a donor to OFF, was a speaker at the 2011 forum.

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Authoritarian bedtime stories – A brief pathology for the autocratic subversion of power.

Martin Luther King once remarked “We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. 1,486 more words


Opinion: Averting the road to Venezuela - By Femi Adesina

Let’s tell the story of Venezuela because it bears striking similitude with that of Nigeria.

Just like us, Venezuela is rich in oil, very rich. At a time, the county’s problem was not money, but how to spend it. 1,364 more words


Cronica unei noi lovituri de stat îndelung anunțate

O tentativă de lovitură de stat (para)militară, în două episoade, finanțată de miliardari americani, despre care știa toată lumea, a avut loc „în mare secret” în Venezuela, în luna martie și cu o continuare în luna mai. 2,126 more words


Miss Universe 1981 as a Politician

Irene Lailin Sáez Conde is more known worldwide as Miss Universe 1981. But in her country of Venezuela, neighboring South American countries and Latin American communities, she is credited for transforming the beauty queen platform into a growing political career that spanned from 1990 to 2000. 260 more words

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Mantan Gerilyawan Jadi Presiden Uruguay

Mobil Milik Presiden “Termiskin” di Dunia Ditawar Rp 12 Miliar

MONTEVIDEO, KOMPAS.com — Presiden Uruguay Jose Mujica, yang dijuluki presiden termiskin di dunia, mengatakan bahwa dia mendapat tawaran 1 juta dollar AS atau sekitar Rp 12 miliar untuk menjual mobil Volkswagen Beetle tuanya. 471 more words


Chavismo: La Peste del siglo XXI (Chavismo: The Plague of the 21st Century)

Commander Hugo Chávez established himself as a redeeming leader who would end the mafias of the past and re-found Venezuela. Once he gradually came to power, he became a despot who persecuted and imprisoned the political opposition, angered society, expropriated companies, and brought one of the world’s richest countries to ruin. 74 more words