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Science Fiction History Theatre: The Pulps and Amazing Stories

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Welcome, friends and readers, to another rousing rendition of Science Fiction History Theatre! This is a special mid-week edition of Science Fiction Sunday, so hold your hats and let’s dive into science fiction’s past once more. 330 more words

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Sneaking Politics Into Your Science Fiction, Hugo Gernsback Edition

Blah, blah, puppies and science fiction and Hugos and sociopolitical commentary in stories and gee whiz science fiction was ‘pure’ in the olden days and… 1,094 more words

Science Fiction

Science in SF - Articles for Amazing Stories

In addition to astrophysics and space exploration, I do also write articles about another of my favourite subjects, science in science-fiction, on this blog and elsewhere. 129 more words


Futures Past

Those of you who like gazing at the pictures in John Clute’s Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia or at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction… 280 more words

Weird Fiction

On the Origins of Science Fiction

Who wrote the first work of science fiction?

The answer to that question will change depending on who you ask. Some critics look back to Mary Shelley’s… 2,337 more words

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Beginnings of SF

Surrounded nowadays by so much science fiction material in the form of print or movies, it is often hard to think of the beginnings of SF as a popular genre. 585 more words