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Science in SF - Articles for Amazing Stories

In addition to astrophysics and space exploration, I do also write articles about another of my favourite subjects, science in science-fiction, on this blog and elsewhere. 134 more words


Futures Past

Those of you who like gazing at the pictures in John Clute’s Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia or at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction… 280 more words

Weird Fiction

On the Origins of Science Fiction

Who wrote the first work of science fiction?

The answer to that question will change depending on who you ask. Some critics look back to Mary Shelley’s… 2,337 more words

Science Fiction

Beginnings of SF

Surrounded nowadays by so much science fiction material in the form of print or movies, it is often hard to think of the beginnings of SF as a popular genre. 585 more words

Reprint: Manifest Destiny

This column in my series Cognitive Mapping first appeared in Vector 218 (July-August 2001). 1,267 more words

Nikola Tesla's hidden contribution

Nikola Tesla is a hero to geeks everywhere, who will be celebrating his birthday this week. World-famous in his lifetime, the prodigiously gifted inventor fell into semi-obscurity after his death in 1943, even though his inventions helped create the world we live in now. 522 more words

Nikola Tesla