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Rocket pioneer Max Valier on the case for women (but not the working class) in space

Austrian physicist and rocketry pioneer Max Valier became a friend and populariser of Hermann Oberth, and working with Fritz von Opel became the first person to test-drive a liquid-fuelled rocket-propelled car (he should also have been the first person to fly a rocket-propelled plane, but Opel was a bit of a dick about it all). 261 more words


Have We Been Here Before?

As the clock was approaching midnight and people were anxiously waiting to ring in the New Year, many others were just anxious over the future of their streaming radio stations. 716 more words


Trivia: The Origins Of The Hugo Awards


How much do you know about the beginnings of the most famous award in science fiction and fantasy? 354 more words


PS: Smearing by Mensch, an afterthought

I haven’t written anything about the Hugo Awards on this blog, despite having a vote at the 2015 Worldcon, because the extraordinary mess that a few hundred people made of a popular-vote award really seemed to have nothing to do with UK politics, which is, mostly, what I write about here. 1,512 more words

Louise Mensch

Reprint: The Waterworks

On the day I learned of the death of one of my favourite writers, E.L. Doctorow, whom I talk about here, I thought it appropriate to dig out this review of his excellent novel,  724 more words


Chasing Semiotic Ghosts: Tomorrowland and Nostalgia

There’s a scene in Tomorrowland where the main character fights off some robots in a pop culture store. As they crash through the racks of merchandise, firing laser pistols in wild abandon, the barrage of pop culture images and sound effects play out like a homage to the history of science fiction. 1,378 more words

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