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Even after all this time, I’m still trying to nail down a definition in my mind of what “Best Fan Writer” really means. So today, I’m going to try to define it for myself, and if that definition helps others, so be it! 1,211 more words


"A starship, not a nuclear missile"

I’m heading out to the airport soon, but I thought I’d mention some of the updates to the Hugo Awards controversy that have happened in the last few days. 620 more words


Who's This Hugo Guy Who Made Everyone Angry?

As a number of people have been religiously watching, posting, counter-posting, fisking, counterfisking, and generally stirring the pot, I thought I’d give a broad strokes overview of what’s going on for those of you who haven’t been watching this unfold from early on.   1,569 more words


The Noise of Distant Battle

I have been watching, from something of a distance, the controversy over the Hugo nominations for this year. The nominees are largely, if not wholly, composed of a slate put together by… 548 more words


I Volunteer to Master the Ceremony

I was working out some thoughts on the 2015 Hugo nomination short list when it occurred to me, “This year is your year to host the awards ceremony.” In fact, what better year could there be? 399 more words


Hugo Nominations 2015, now with more scandal!

Hugo nominations were announced yesterday, and in much the same vein as last year, there’s been a bit of an uproar over the results. 520 more words


Live from NorWesCon...

William Lehman, reporting for Otherwhere Gazette. 

Sad Puppies the engladdening

Less than an hour ago, the finalists for the Hugo awards were announced here at Norwescon. 624 more words

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