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Best Fan Writer

And so, in this last piece (finally!) of reviewing for the 2020 Hugos, I get to sit in judgement over my peers once more.  Or, rather, over my betters.  902 more words


(New and) Astounding

So, as discussed under Best Related Work, last year the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer was, for good and sufficient reason… 768 more words


Catfishing on CatNet, by Naomi Kritzer

Steph is moving again – she is regularly uprooted and moved to a different part of America by her mother, who is desperate to stay away from Steph’s abusive father.  412 more words


The Wicked King, by Holly Black

Jude Duarte has successfully installed Cardan as High King of Elfhame, on the condition that he obeys her orders for a year and a day.  Now, nearly half that time has elapsed, the decadent former prince shows no particular signs of growing into his role, and there’s a growing threat from the neighbouring queen of the sea peoples.  346 more words


Dragon Pearl, by Yoon Ha Lee

Min is a fox spirit, living a quiet (and deliberately concealed) life on the imperfectly terraformed world of Jinju.  When news comes to her family that her brother Jun has – apparently – deserted from the Space Force, Min can’t believe it.  351 more words


Hugo Fan Writer: Why you should vote for...Paul Weimer

Hugo online voting is now open. Don’t forget to vote in the Fan Writer category. Speaking of which here is our fifth contestant!

Paul Weimer… 812 more words