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What is that tune he's always whistling?

“Why funny animals?” The inevitable question. It’s the kind of question asked by people with no imagination. Or people who believe that imagination is best put to use creating the kind of fiction to which it appears no imagination was applied at all. 413 more words


It felt right (hey!)

And we’re back! I haven’t stopped writing completely, but life and stuff conspired to leave all those words in my drafts folder for the time being. 547 more words


That's no moon

Reading Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves is a strange experience, both physically and mentally.

When it turned out that Kindle’s conversion mechanism didn’t take kindly to the pdf file provided in the… 620 more words


Hugo Awards: Best Novelette

Today I’m doing the Best Novelette Category. I’m doing this mostly on impressions, less on analysis.

I’m giving the first story I read the first ranking: “What Price Humanity?” by David VanDyke. 248 more words


That's all we've got

(Note: I got myself stuck between two arguments here, but even though I’m not too happy with how the piece ended up, I’m posting it anyway. 915 more words


Hugo progress report 1

Earlier in the year, I vowed to at least attempt every work on the Hugo ballot that I could get my hands on (without paying, in the case of Puppy picks). 656 more words

What I'm Reading

Secret destroyers

Being a review of the very book pictured below, finalist for the novella category of the 2016 Hugo Awards.

Technological implants aren’t science fiction any longer; they’ve been a reality since before the turn of the century. 444 more words