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Much Ado about Hugo

Amazing! Seriously, I’m flummoxed, befuddled, and confusticated. Voting for the Hugos now takes more time than confirming I am who I say I am when I attempt to settle a bill online with a public utility. 336 more words


2016 Hugo Nominees

The 2016 Hugo Award nominees for best novel have been posted, and I’m excited that I’ve already read three of the five since last fall. In January, I… 191 more words

Book Reviews

Gluten-Free In Seattle: Hugo's

While in Seattle, I had to make sure I took Chaz to some of the touristy places. The second day we hit Pike Place Market… 668 more words

Hugo Blogging: "Best" Related Work

As usual, I will be covering as many of the nominated works in the Hugo Awards as I can here. Like last year, several categories in the awards have been destroyed by the Nazi troll “Vox Day” managing to persuade 200 people to abuse the rules, and so “outvote” 4000 other people. 1,106 more words

Calm Your Tits and Just Feel the Tingle

by Renee Miller

I can say calm your tits, because I have a vagina, so piss off.

Today, I want to discuss the Hugo awards and all the shit festering around them this year. 1,172 more words

Oh right, the Hugos

Another year, another petulant canine tantrum. Once the new rules get ratified, the various puppies will cease to be an issue, so … eh. The definition of banal evil. 20 more words

Chuck Tingle

The Hugos Matter, Whether That's Convenient to You or Not

Right now, there’s a not altogether unprecedented trend toward what I’m going to call concentrated apathy when it comes to pop cultural criticism. When it comes to anything that’s not an opera, a Murakami novel, or Hamilton, we’re only supposed to care so much. 1,124 more words