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here are my stories what are award-eligible

If you care; I always feel weird about making these, but here we go.

I had a pretty good year, short-story wise. Had a pretty good year novel-wise, in that I had one come out – the (VERY LONG AWAITED, AT LEAST BY ME) follow-up to my debut… 745 more words


Hugo's Christmas and New Year celebrations

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This holiday season, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong and Hugo’s head chef, Marco Mehr, will present his first festive menus to Hong Kong diners. 334 more words


Hugo's: Restaurant Review

Pictured:  Hugo’s Sticky Buns (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, contains nuts)  Two warm and crispy sticky buns, glazed with organic vanilla sugar icing. Topped with caramelized pecan sauce. 397 more words

Gluten Free

Love, literary canons, and gatekeeping behaviour

Canonical texts are beloved. Assembling the literary output of (what amounted to mostly dead, mostly white, mostly male) authors and examining their themes, their tropes, their references to politics and art history and so on, is what made English departments in the Western world historically great – their ability to take texts and relate their elements to the human condition, link them to social issues, make veiled political references, and advance philosophy and knowledge of what it means to be human. 849 more words

ENGL 575

It's the Little Things that We Count

There has been a lot (yes, way too much) time and energy spent the last several months on the Hugo awards, and what’s supposedly wrong with them… 608 more words

Some Notes On Awards Proposals

(Okay friends!  We are trying to get back to some regularly-scheduled programming, now that this nonsense with the baby has settled down somewhat.  To reward you all for your patience, I’m starting on with some inside baseball horseshit about an obscure conflict deep in the nerdliest bowels of the science fiction & fantasy community.  3,069 more words


More thoughts on awards, and community

I’ve been following the conversation at Black Gate, about the proposal for “The Awards to be Named Later” I’ve also been following it at File 770. 2,221 more words