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Hugo Recommendations for 2015

Last year, despite the fact that the Worldcon was being held in the UK, relatively few British or British-based writers, fans, editors or other SF professionals were nominated for Hugo Awards. 1,560 more words


The Sad Facts About "Sad Puppies"

Interesting facts about the Hugo Awards that you probably didn’t know (or much care about):

Stephen King has never won a Hugo for fiction.

J.K. Rowling has not won a… 576 more words

Hugos and Nebulas, Part 5: Untied Strings

As a new writer, and even now to a certain degree, I struggle with finding the right way to end a story. Regardless of whether the book is meant as a stand-alone or as a part of a series, writers are admonished by Quoters of the Rules to make doubly certain that any and all problems started in the book are resolved in the book. 431 more words

On Writing

2014 in review

Hello there, and welcome to what’s become one of the cherished classics of blogging genre writers, the thinly-veiled “hey, go nominate me for a Hugo” post. 208 more words


On Hugos and Nebulas, Part 2: Tell; Don't Show

Newbie writers are often hounded by well-meaning, more-experienced writers to “follow the rules of good writing.” While I was reading the 10 Hugo/Nebula books for a… 363 more words

On Writing