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The Truth Revealed - thanks to Garth Marenghi

I admit, I was sucked in. A sheeple lead to the slaughter. But my eyes were opened by the brilliance of this man- Garth Marenghi: 176 more words


Salmon Parcels

This weekend I had the girls round for a dinner party. ¬†We hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks, and there’s no better way to catch up than over a nice long meal and a few glasses of wine. 448 more words



There are a lot of awful things on the internet. Online people can cluster together and encourage one another in opinions that get you uninvited from all Thanksgivings ever at my house. 738 more words


The Hugos Kerfuffle

I’ve been watching the whole Sad/Rabid Puppy Hugos nonsense go on for a couple of months now. I could go on and on at length about the worst excesses of the movement, but I think that’s been covered pretty well. 440 more words

Hugo Capsules Inbound!

I’ve got a lot of plane travel to look forward to over the next few two weeks: Pensacola¬†this week and Japan the next. I also have my beloved Kindle Keyboard* stuffed to the brim with Hugo Nominees for Best Novel, Short Story, Novella, and Novelette. 219 more words


2016 Hugo Award Contenders Short Story: The Ways of Walls and Words

I just finished reading The Ways of Walls and Words by Sabrina Vourvoulias. This was a beautiful lyrical story with subtly of magic interwoven through poetry and friendship. 20 more words