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On Hugos and Nebulas, Part 14: Fake Words

Science fiction and fantasy are good at fake words. They have to be. Without fake words, how could writers realistically describe fake things? “Snake that gives you pleasant dreams and takes away anxiety” is nice but “Dreamsnake” is a lot easier to type, say, and read. 399 more words

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On Hugos and Nebulas, Part 13: Titles

Coming up with a good title for a book is the second hardest thing about writing. (The first? Writing the back cover blurb. Wow, I can write a 106,000-word, coherent, interesting story but the 106 words to describe it? 289 more words

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A List of the Short Fiction I Read Before Nominating for the Hugos

Immediately after making my post about Hugo nominations on Friday, I realised what I was doing was dumb. If I read and enjoyed all these stories, why was I avoiding naming them? 687 more words


On Hugos and Nebulas, Part 12: $#*%!

If you want to see a group of writers go just crazy about something, start a conversation about whether cussing is appropriate. Asking this question in a group of children’s books writers or religious writers is like adding jet fuel to a bonfire. 262 more words

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Sad Puppies versus the Nebula Awards

If you are an SF “fan,” in the con-going sense, you are likely familiar with the Sad Puppies/Hugo Award controversy. If you are not, Google it. 570 more words

On Hugos and Nebulas, Part 11: Speaker IDs

If you put 5 writing experts in a room and ask them to explain the best way to identify speakers in dialogue, you’ll end up with… 341 more words

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Hugo Recommendations for 2015

Last year, despite the fact that the Worldcon was being held in the UK, relatively few British or British-based writers, fans, editors or other SF professionals were nominated for Hugo Awards. 1,560 more words