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Hugo eligibility reminder

I’m minutes away from doing my own nominations for the 2016 Hugo awards, so let me briefly remind everyone who can vote that Warrior Jayashree and the Young… 11 more words


A Quick Look at Likely Sad Puppy Novels Recommendations

I did a quick tally of the novels being bandied about over at the Sad Puppies site’s page for Best Novel.  Now, I haven’t weighted the results, and if they toss out the guys who seconded everything AND posted lengthy lists of their own, the end results might be a bit different.  254 more words

And so it begins...Hugo nominations are open

In case anyone hasn’t seen it (although if you’ve been anywhere in SFF fandom on Twitter, it’s been hard to miss), Hugo nominations are now open!  713 more words

Hugo Awards

As Strange as Fiction

It’s often said that “Life imitates art.” But as I posited in my last post, that doesn’t normally happen in SF. And yet, here we are: We have a presidential campaign that imitates a Hugo campaign. 431 more words

Oh, why not: #Hugo awards eligibility post

Rumor has it that Hugo nominations are going to open up next week, and I have two– count ’em, two! different works that will be eligible for nomination. 293 more words


On what's next, and #Hugoawards eligibility

Let’s start by ripping the band-aid off: after spending the entire day convinced I was going to throw up at any moment, I went in to school yesterday afternoon after the kids left, resigned, and cleaned out my classroom. 365 more words


The National Hugo Playoffs, Brought to You by...

It being that time of year (in both worlds), I find it natural to wonder (because I have a very unhealthy imagination) whether it would behoove us all to restructure the Hugos to be more like the college football championship playoff series, and if so, how one would do so. 512 more words