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French Protestant Churches in Quebec

Among the first European settlers who came to Quebec in the 1600s were some 300 Protestants, most of them fleeing religious persecution in France. If they hoped to find religious freedom on this side of the Atlantic, they were disappointed: the Catholic Church controlled all religious matters in New France and Protestants could not even baptize their children or buy land. 114 more words


A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity (1612)

. . . as disclosed to Evgeny, resident of Ullitaq, by Wep, a Latvian reporter on assignment there; excerpted from my unpublished novel, Glass Bottom. 2,745 more words

Éléonore Desmier d'Olbreuse: Preserver of Huguenots

Éléonore Desmier d’Olbreuse, French Huguenot (French Reformed) and member of the gentry of France provided a haven for other French Reformed Christians during the time of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. 729 more words


He, Too, Had Been a Refugee

I’ve said it for years…

…He, too, had been a refugee.

I remember when I first thought about this, I was overwhelmed.

His words to the meek and to those who find themselves in last place, were not just comforting, but words from the lips and heart of a man who had experienced displacement due to political persecution while just a baby. 615 more words


Gobbets of the week #24

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week:

1. A brief but lovely history of London maps.

2. … 105 more words


Atlee, Monacan lead Thursday high school winners

Redskins fall to Jacksonville 17-16 in preseason finale

Atlee beats Deep Run 52-13

Varina beats I.C. Norcom 46-20

Monacan beats Glen Allen 39-0

Huguenot falls to Lafayette 41-0… 36 more words


Europe and the shifting boundaries of belonging

Whenever I travel to the United States of America I am asked to provide information about my country of origin.

Sometimes I write ‘Saarland’ and then explain to the immigration officer that it no longer exists. 503 more words