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Europe and the shifting boundaries of belonging

Whenever I travel to the United States of America I am asked to provide information about my country of origin.

Sometimes I write ‘Saarland’ and then explain to the immigration officer that it no longer exists. 503 more words


Huguenot clockmakers in England

This is my final entry on Huguenots for 2015. All being well, I’ll have another series next year.

Until the 19th century, many English clockmaking firms were in business. 1,757 more words


Huguenots and England's lace making industry

A contentious subject among some English historians is whether the Huguenots were involved in lace making in our country.

Each side makes its own case for or against. 3,107 more words


The Huguenot influence on English silk weaving

As I mentioned last week, London’s small silk weaving industry was based in Spitalfields in the East End. In its infancy, it employed mostly Irish weavers. 797 more words


Huguenots in 17th century England

Although commercial controversies surrounding Huguenot trading in England had been largely resolved, Charles I’s reign brought a return of threat to French worship.

A book from 1871, … 1,201 more words


How the Huguenots made their way in England and Ireland

Yesterday’s post discussed the rancour that English merchants and London Companies (guilds) had towards the Huguenots.

However, the Huguenots’ refugee-asylum status often had local or city ordinances attached with regard to work. 913 more words


Huguenot flight to England in 1572

After the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre on August 23, 1572, hundreds of Huguenots set sail for England.

In Paris, Ambassador Sir Francis Walsingham’s house was respected as a place of sanctuary for the Huguenots. 1,205 more words