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Hilo's Kauihealani Mahikoa Brandt, Jack Brandt, and Teitu Kameenui, 1960.

Hilo’s Huladynamic Kaui Brandt

A pencil sketch from the notebook of associate instructor Teitu Kameenui shows Kaui Brandt doing one of her Polynesian dances

“Hula entrepreneur instructor, troupe leader, featured dancer and vocalist, sometimes disc jockey, plus full-time wife and mother of two healthy children”—gives a fairly accurate thumbnail description of Hilo’s Kauihealani Mahikoa Brandt, better known as “Kaui.” 641 more words

English Newspaper

Artist Hula faces off extreme tides to unveil water mural in Canada's Bay of Fundy

Water mural artist, Hula has unveiled one of his most challenging pieces yet – a mural of a woman that disappears underwater when the tide rises in Canada’s Bay of Fundy, known for the highest tides on Earth. 342 more words

Rosa Medea

Keiki hula dancer wows a crowd

We want to share a video that’s going viral.

A young man showing off a lot of skill.

Little Justin Paredes not missing a single beat as he entertains a crowd with his fast paced hula. 29 more words


Hula shoes

The first time I went to Hawai’i it came as a revelation that hula was not just the entertainment of Elvis movies, but a deeply meaningful and moving form of storytelling. 135 more words


A day in daycare!

It’s not often that mommy has to drop me off at daycare…but when she does….I HAVE LOADS OF FUN! I was the first one there so I got to play with the hula hoop….yeah only could make it go round once but I still had a blast. 116 more words

Hula Dance at The Open Garden (Kawanishi-Cho) (Japan Reflections)

Tadamithu Suda from Keisen Christ Church owned a vegetable farm.

He talked with me via a translator on a Sunday, and found out my interest was in nutrition. 83 more words


Images from Seattle Center's Hawaiian Cultural Festival

This morning we took a short walk over to the Seattle Center to attend the Hawaiian Cultural Festival. There was music, entertainment and more food than you could shake a skewer at. 16 more words