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Hula Hoop Hopeful!

Okay, so I think by now it’s clear that I’m not too great at sticking with things. I’ve already stopped doing the 5:2 diet, three good things, I regularly forget to blog and I have neglected to go to the gym for two weeks. 120 more words

General Nonsense


Yesterday while I was watching the Atlantic Ocean, which by the way is quite chilly, it occurred to me how easy it is to believe that the waves come in a forward motion as they break ashore. 147 more words


Doin' the Hula

Chemo is over so it was time to hit the sand. Infusions 5 and 6 went smoothly, but were progressively harder for Laura both physically and mentally. 118 more words


It's a Hula-Hoop Away!

Hooping, along with the type of dancing called ‘Flow’, is one of my favorite holistic activites. It’s a great expression of dance while incorporating your whole-body movement along with a constant reminder of ‘going with the FLOW’ (literally!) Hooping can be an easy way to unwind from a stressful day, get your body shakin’ before a night out, bring your love of a song/music to a physical-level by moving to the beats, or just an excuse to shake your bottom with some friends! 117 more words

Flowers of Hawai'i

Plumeria grow easily in the balmy warm weather on all of the main Hawaiian islands.  They are white with yellow center, pink with pink center, and white with pink and yellow center.  18 more words

Hawaiian Culture

Hawaiian Word of the Day

Ho’onani = adore





Hawaiian Culture