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Civil War II and What Comicdom Can't Talk About

Cops get killed on a depressingly regular basis. You can easily find dashcam footage of this kind of tragedy (trigger warning–features murder caught on camera): a cop pulls someone over who then acts noncompliant with the cop’s lawful demands. 1,417 more words

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Escape From Los Santos

Charlie Esser & I discuss the 1980s Incredible Hulk episode “Escape from Los Santos” for the 80s Reboot Overdrive Podcast!



Comic Corner: Contest of Champions

Marvel’s Contest of Champions was a fun little side story that brought together characters from multiple universes, and I have to say it was a pretty entertaining ride. 568 more words

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What Planet Hulk might look like on screen in Thor Ragnarok

Wow!!! The image below is a fan created piece. It is done VERY well and does a great job of showing what the new movie Hulk might look like in his Planet Hulk gear. 23 more words


What does the new TV deal mean for Chinese Football?

British broadcasting giants, Sky Sports, recently announced that they had secured the rights to broadcast the Chinese Super League for the next three seasons. The sum of the new TV deal is unknown but we are of course aware of the financial power backing the domestic football in China. 346 more words


Marvel Animated Features (Part 6): Hulk Vs.

Hello, my friends.  With the immeasurable strength to crank out opinions, I welcome you back to another entry in…

Everyone’s favorite Jolly Green Gamma Giant is back for another round “or two”.   6,136 more words

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Strapped! How a new strap can 'frame' a watch into a masterpiece

Watch straps are like the frame on a masterpiece painting: they compliment and add to the beauty. Figure out how to perfectly frame any watch in our post “Strapped!”. 3,148 more words