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Hulk Smashes the Marvel Universe! Marvel Contest of Champions

I started playing the game Marvel Contest of Champions on my phone a couple months ago and find it quite addicting. The graphics and screen play are great and the fights are very enjoyable. 94 more words


Hulk Cosplay Guide

Hulk film tells the scientist Bruce Banner in the fate of the father of genetic experiments into the experimental product, whenever the emotional transformation into a superpower green giant, which makes him the US military arrested the object. 193 more words

Cosplay Mask

My Favorite Scene: Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) *Who Is Worthy?*

For a number of reason, Age of Ultron got a lot of flak from MCU fans for, essentially, not being The Avengers.  The film had the thankless task of being a set-up film, masked as a climax film.  418 more words


Ini Dia 5 Superhero yang Paling Super!

Menurut DC Wikia, pabrik superhero DC telah memproduksi lebih dari 10.000 karakter superhero. Sementara menurut Disney, pabrik superhero Marvel memproduksi lebih dari 15.000 karakter!

Namun, dari puluhan ribu karakter superhero yang bertebaran di dunia fiksi, hanya sebagian kecil saja yang beruntung bisa nampang di film layar lebar, sementara sebagian besar kudu puas beraksi di buku komik, meski cuma kebagian peran sebagai pendukung karakter utama. 57 more words


#1697 - Sad Piano Music

Just hitchhiking down the highway, moving from town to town like a drifter, occasionally turning green and breaking stuff.

Sketch A Day

Peter David: Legend of Comics

Capes and Lunatics Blog #17!


Check out a few of the works of writer Peter David before his interview with the Capes and Lunatics Podcast!


Marvel Comics Thor Lore: Days of Rage


By Tj Dietsch

Marvel Comics Thor Lore: Days of Rage

The Odinson and a mindless Hulk throw down in NYC! 485 more words