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Incredible Hulk #1 SMASHES Record

A record smashing event has occurred in the month of September 2016. A vintage comics seller, ComicConnect, sold a copy of Incredible Hulk #1 for an INCREDIBLE $375,000! 173 more words


Rage Shower

This poem is a little different than most of my others, in that I created my own rules for it. The first and last line of each stanza are twelve syllables, and the lines in between are eight syllables. 405 more words

Adam Foley Writing

Hey, Lawyer-Hulk's Becoming Hulk!

So a while back I wrote this post complaining about the way folks men disrespect Lawyer-Hulk (my biggest regret about it is that I immortalized a misogynist murderer in the title; since then I’ve adopted the policy of not giving name recognition to perpetrators of mass shootings when I discuss these kinds of events).  714 more words


Top Ten GameCube Games (10-6)

Ah the GameCube, One of my favorite game consoles of all time. This machine holds a lot of nostalgic and sentimental value to me and I’ve been itching for a chance to talk about it. 2,577 more words

To Be Continued

Thor (Kenneth Branagh, 2011)

Captain America (Joe Johnston, 2011)

Iron Man 2 (Jon Favreau, 2010)

Iron Man 3 (Shane Black, 2013)

The Incredible Hulk (Louis Leterrier, 2008) 426 more words