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Everything Wrong With Civil War II #3

Welcome to the new installment of Comic Sins where we analyse a comic for what it truly is. If you missed Everything Wrong With Civil War II #2… 1,425 more words

Iron Man

Well, duh! Hulk beats the Thing - Stan Lee weighs in. Nuff said!

Slow day in JG’ville but I did stumble upon a fun interview with Stan (THE man) Lee and The Tomorrow Show on cinemablend.com. The interview is on the long side but worth it as Stan shares some knowledge about our favorite Jade Giant. 139 more words


Champions #1

The Marvel Universe is in chaos. Long time friends and allies are making enemies of each other. The world’s second super hero Civil War is underway and, thanks to the public nature of their war, the good name of all heroes has been tarnished. 915 more words

Comic Books

Incredible Hulk (1990's)

In 1998, Peter David killed off Banner’s long-time love Betty Ross. Marvel executives used Ross’ death as an opportunity to pursue the return of the Savage Hulk. 103 more words


Defeating the 'Hulk'

Last night, I manage to catch up with my old pal, Bud (not her real name). Anyway, this wasn’t the usual conversation about which boy that either of us like or when are we going to meet up. 472 more words

Launching today, Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell - first review posted

It looks like Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell launches today on several platforms just in time to build some hype for the Dr. Strange movie coming out shortly. 91 more words


The Return of Champions: The Return of Superheroes.

By Jesse Cook

This article discusses the events of Champions #1, which may be considered spoilers. You’ve been warned!

Champions #1 poses an interesting question for superhero fans: Do superheroes save the world anymore? 1,751 more words