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#Economics (updated)

This afternoon I told my Average is over story to the new Honours class. Part of it is to say that everyone of us need to keep learning and one of the best ways to build a personal learning network is through Twitter. 449 more words

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Come for the signalling, stay for the human capital

This afternoon we are welcoming the honours class of 2015. It is a select group about to start a tough fourth year specialising in Economics, Risk Management or International Trade. 449 more words

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Publication tips and tricks

It is winter break on campus and the time of year when academics try to finish up that paper, or the revisions of that paper. There may even be some time for reading, so we want to help with some tips and tricks for getting your papers into a better quality journal. 746 more words

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The future of work and freeconomics

It is autumn break at the University and we thought we should offer some light and interesting reading in the place of a research post this week. 462 more words

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Teaching-learning technology

Last week lecturers of the School attended a workshop on the use of technology in teaching-learning and I thought we should share some ideas and resources here. 621 more words

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More thoughts on the Budget 2014

This afternoon the Minister of Finance delivers the 2014/15 Budget in Parliament and it is going to be one of the most challenging Budget speeches of the past 20 years. 575 more words

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Get ready for the Budget 2014

Next week Wednesday the Minister of Finance will be delivering his annual Budget Speech in Parliament. It is an election year and everyone has policy proposals that they would like to see implemented to foster economic growth, increase employment and reduce poverty and inequality. 100 more words

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