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Mystery woman Muslim Huma Abedin. Gatekeeper to Hillary Clinton

Huma Abedin. Always lurking around the edges, expressionless. Just who is Huma Abedin? Buried in the wonderfully written Newsweek piece is this:

With Weiner unemployed, Abedin took a second job as a consultant for Teneo Holdings, a phenomenally well-connected global consulting company.

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Met-Gala Match-Up! Adriana Lima, Huma Abedin Debut Fresh Fashion Faceoffs on the Red Carpet

You’re not seeing double, it’s a fashion face-off!

Model Adriana Lima took the Met Gala Carpet on Monday, donning a familiar-looking Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress. 217 more words


Clinton's gal pal Huma Abedin good friends with Ivanka Trump

Am I the only one that finds it extraordinary that Huma Abedin, a Muslim married to a Jew, has managed to worm her way into the highest political stratosphere in the United States. 319 more words

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Will Bill Clinton's Butt Boys Cooper and Band take down the Clinton Empire?

There are two FBI Clinton investigations. One regarding the E-MAIL. But the more important one that may snag them is the one that is looking at their Foundation. 361 more words

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Clinton Aides Scared of Huma Abedin, Even Bill Clinton Can't Get Past Her

Daniel Greenfield


From the uncomfortable Newsweek profile of Huma Abedin.

“She was a very, very religious person—she didn’t smoke, drink or swear, always very polite,” recalls one Clinton friend, who, like most people who spoke to Newsweek, asked not to be named.

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Forget Hillary Clinton. Is it Bill Clinton in the cross hairs of the FBI?

Monica Crowley has written a wonderful piece that places the focus of the latest Clinton scandal on Bill Clinton. Teneo Holdings. Now that is a name of a company one wants to keep an eye on. 322 more words

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Meet Muppet Zari

In a first for the “Sesame Street” co-production in Afghanistan, there’s a new, female “feminist” Muppet on the block.

Zari, whose name means “shimmering,” is a hijab-wearing, … 385 more words