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Anthony Weiner hoping Huma will call off divorce -- He could be over-exposed....

By Emily Smith

January 11, 2017 | 9:01pm


Sources close to the disgraced former congressman say he is still spending time at his and Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Abedin’s Irving Place apartment, and he hopes she’ll call off the divorce and reconcile with him. 417 more words

Weiner is a timely, cringy political time capsule

Joe Biden summed up the general opinion of the left when it was revealed that Anthony Weiner was somehow involved with the re-opening of the Clinton email scandal in the waning days of the never-ending 2016 US election with a muttered, resigned “oh god,” which I’m sure we can all mentally complete with a “not this guy again.” That feeling persists when confronted with… 637 more words

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Movies: La La Land, Weiner and the Best of 2016

Awards season is in full swing and I’m trying to get to as many of the potential Oscar nominations as possible over the next few weeks. 760 more words

Trump picks Dan Coats to be Director of National Intelligence

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer and President-Elect Donald Trump has nominated former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats as his Director of National Intelligence. 354 more words

The Capital Sports Report

The Saudi Spy

Most of the experts I’ve spoken to conclude, looking at the various facts regarding Huma–her rise, where she came from, her family background, her various connections–conclude that she is most likely a Saudi spy, which is my own conclusion.

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2016 The Year End Review – the intersection of the Foodboom and Politics.

(Warning this is Fake News)

Anthony Bourdain to Challenge Trump for the Presidency in 2020

The omnipresent Bourdain issued a press release establishing an exploratory committee to seek the nations’ highest office. 1,112 more words