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Badlapur Review

“Agent Vinod was directed by Sriram Raghavan? Like seriously!” That is what you might utter instantly after watching ‘Badlapur’ or even halfway through it. This is neo-noir (New-Black) at its very best in Bollywood or can even be compared to some Hollywood thrillers too. 663 more words

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I received this in the mail yesterday...

New Huma gels! If you recall, I previously tried out their blueberry and strawberry flavors before deciding to use solely the strawberry during the Country Music Half. 392 more words


Guest Blogger: Lindsey Hadlock-Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon Recap

Our first guest blogger is Lindsey Hadlock, 3 time half marathoner and a new member of Team FLRTC! She braved the cold this past weekend and represented FLRTC at the Fred Leblow Manhattan Half Marathon. 839 more words

What makes the proles human and the party members inhuman?

As far as we know, because it’s how it has been written in the book, the proles are the worker class out of the three social classes of Oceania. 196 more words


A bird at Windsor : Tipu Sultan and his 'Huma'

On 5 March, 1800 Queen Charlotte of England received a curious gift at her home in Windsor castle. It was a box with an accompanying note and a key for the box. 1,616 more words

Tipu Sultan & His Times

Training Recap & PFTW

Not my best week.  Not by a long shot.

Monday & Tuesday – Rest days.  I had planned to go to CrossFit Monday again, but when I logged onto Wodify that morning and saw the wod I changed my mind.   480 more words