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Challenging Assumptions about Supercycles in Peru and Latin America

By Claudia Viale and Carlos Monge*

The commodity-fueled “supercycle” that has propelled Latin American economies for the past decade and a half is ending, but careful analysis of other ongoing cycles will help countries cushion the blow.  556 more words

The Peruvian Presidential Runoff: The Race to the Center

Keiki Fujimori and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) are going to face each other in Peru’s presidential election runoff. Local polls are divided on whether Kuczynski can defeat Keiko on June 5. 770 more words


El Niño Pummels Peru and Poses Challenges Elsewhere in Latin America

By Abby Lindsay*

Although advanced scientific models can better detect the severity of an upcoming El Niño, preparing for the impact of each episode remains a recurrent challenge for many Latin American countries.  587 more words