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Get Your Anatomy Right

Get your basics correct, says Moon Arun. Before you write the epic novel, learn the alphabets right. Before you deal with complex compounds, keep the periodic table in sight. 73 more words


The Long Thoracic Nerve

The smell of formaldehyde sticks in your nose, it hides, I believe, right on the olfactory bulb waiting for those brief 10 minutes when you decide to have some dinner and then makes a sudden reappearance. 490 more words

Norma Verticalis

Anatomically, the human skull is studied in different views, called normas. Basically , the same same skull is looked at from different sides, frontally, laterally ,posteriorly, superiorly and inferiorly. 284 more words

Siriraj Medical aka the Anatomy Museum

I’ve been super busy lately, so haven’t had time to write about some things that I would’ve wanted. But I will do it soon. Meanwhile, here’s a post that I was supposed to publish a while ago but never just got down to it. 749 more words


Idle Musings: The Human Body is Dumb

I’ve seriously aggravated the muscle groups in my left shoulder, particularly around the scapula. You would think this would be a problem for my left shoulder. 82 more words

Idle Musings