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New Old Family Members

Although it’s been a little while since the news broke, I am extremely excited to write about a new old addition…to the human family.

Secreted away in a narrow fissure, deep in the Rising Star cave system, nr. 390 more words

Radiolab and ancient murder mysteries...

More goodies from Radiolab:

ancient (really really ancient) murder mystery…

the Taung child…


and other mysteries…


the cat did it…


Look verrrrry carefully into my eyes.. or eye sockets…


New Species Of Human Ancestor Discovered In South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (CBSDC) – There may be a new branch on the human family tree.

“My discovery turns science on its head,”┬árenowned American paleoanthropologist Lee Berger told… 264 more words


New ancient human ancestor discovered deep in South African cave

WATCH ABOVE: A new discovery of a ancient human ancestor was found in a cave in South Africa, and as Eric Sorensen reports, what was unearthed about the new member of the human family tree is changing how we see ourselves. 790 more words


We've Found A New Human Ancestor, And It's Changing How We View Human Evolution

Whenever we find a new hominid, it’s a big deal. Understanding our past and what we evolved from lets us better understand our ancient history and the mechanism of evolution. 260 more words


I'm Migrating to Australia!

I’m currently travelling from West to East across Indonesia with a friend, inspired by the migration path taken more than 50,000 years ago by the ancestors of Aboriginal Australians, and many others (see map below). 168 more words