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You Will Always Be Loved

Senior dogs and cats.  Found as strays or surrendered by their owners for a variety of reasons.  Many times overlooked at shelters or never making it to adoptions due to their golden age.  570 more words


Are humans animals?

To me, this question seems ridiculous – of COURSE we are animals! We eat, we defecate, we procreate. Surey there is no room for doubt? Yet there are still many people who would flatly deny that humans are still part of the animal kingdom. 776 more words

Dinosaur displays, talking teddy bears, and plotting pets: what the movies (don't) teach us about human-animal relationships

Kate Whiston, University of Nottingham

As an animal geographer, the heading ‘Becoming Human’ in The Guardian’s g2 film supplement immediately caught my eye. The title rang true of Deleuze and Guatarri’s notion of… 875 more words

Transactions Of The Institute Of British Geographers

Animal Sounds #2 - Birds

In the second show I focused on our relationship with birds. I listened to and discussed the wondrous relationship, the captive relationship and the relationship of respect and unknowing. 55 more words

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Magi, pronounced like ‘Maggie’, is our 13 year old toy poodle mix we adopted in December 2013.  There is a bit of a story behind the spelling of her name but too long for this writing so I won’t include the details.  1,234 more words


Slimy geographies and sticky human-animal relationships

By Kate Whiston, University of Nottingham

In a further attempt to stress the variety of work in Geography, and also its relevance to everyday life, this month I’d like to highlight Franklin Ginn’s (2014) recent article on human-slug encounters. 662 more words

Transactions Of The Institute Of British Geographers

She is Maui

I love my cat.  I don’t mean I love her like I love my favorite sweater.  I love her like I love the human beings that are closest to me.  502 more words