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Fitness and flourishing: The benefits of attending to your dog's mental health

They say that a tired dog is a good dog and, generally, they’re right. This is a little bit concerning because although this summer with its camping and hiking and swimming has been good for both of us, Milo is getting physically fitter than I am. 765 more words

German Shepherd Dog

'I thought I was done with dressing up dogs' - Interview with American artist William Wegman

William Wegman is probably best-known for his idiosyncratic photographs of Weimaraner dogs. His new book William Wegman: Being Human brings together more than 300 photographs from the past four decades. 21 more words


Please, leash your … children

Over the last four days, three children have charged Milo. They squealed, threw their arms in the air, and ran, full tilt, right at him. In the olden days, this is when natural selection would happen. 364 more words


The high cost of doggy weight loss

There are a lot of fat dogs out there. The rate of canine obesity, like the rate of human obesity, seems to be climbing. According to the… 597 more words


Can stories about fat dogs hurt people?

I was snooping around the American Kennel Club website when I came across an article called “The Biggest Loser: Canine Edition.” Before I knew it I was scrolling through a set of ‘success stories’ of extreme dog weight loss; stories that included stats, before and after pictures, and heart wrenching personal narratives. 1,969 more words


How does pet ownership contribute to population health? An interview with Melanie Rock

Check out this interview where Dr. Melanie Rock, an anthropologist at the University of Calgary, reveals how pet ownership contributes to human health.

Dr. Rock starts out on familiar ground explaining some of the concrete human health benefits arising from companion animals. 346 more words


Dogs Who Detect Cancer: “So much more than their nose”

Dogs Who Detect Cancer: “So much more than their nose”

By Katrina Holland

It’s 8.45am at a business park in rural Buckinghamshire, UK: the location of my primary field site. 521 more words